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    Be careful not to misunderstand.

    In earlier Windows versions you could deselect individual updates you did'nt wan't.
    Windows 10 updates are cumulative. You can't select or deselect individual updates like on earlier versions. You can additionally choose to get updates for other windows products or not.

    As far as i know, you can also find a additional tool on the web if you wan't to, that make it able to hide/ block individual driver updates like you could on earlier versions of windows.

    And you can shut down windows update completely and thereby shut down for all updates thru windows update.

    If you use the option to shut down windows 10 update, then you will have to turn in on manually once in a while to get the availble updates including the security and performance improovements updates.

    In earlier version you could have settings for you to choose when updates where downloaded. This is not possible in windows 10. But you can select it not to update while you are working or using your computer.
    If you shut down windows update then things happen when you turn it on thou.
    Also you can search for updates and make things go from that point.

    If you are connected to the internet with your computer, then for security matters it's not recommended to shut down windows update all the time.

    It might be more difficult to update any other applications you have in a secure and workable manor of you don't update windows.

    The easiest way to shut down all updates of any kind and still be protected as much as possible in this regard is to not connect the computer to the internet.

    The point is you on Windows 10 can't choose to install certain individual selected updates while deselecting others from being updated quite the way and in such detail you could on earlier version of windows. When you update you get cumulative updates.
    But if you are downloading a tool you can hide/ block individual driver updates.
    It's not the same as in earlier windows versions where you did'nt have to shut windows update down, or use a additional tool to do or not do certain updates.
    And you can't select updates in the same detail no matter what. Nor the time for downloading and installing the updates are quite the same.
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    I "upgraded" from W7 Pro x64 to W10 Pro x64 with very few issues. I had to find a replacement driver for my wi-fi dongle and re-authorize Omnisphere 2 again. All my music stuff worked perfectly including my legacy M-Audio Axiom 61. Huge relief especially as my previous W7 system was running absolutely perfectly.

    Why did I upgrade then?
    Maintaining W7 was becoming a hassle and a big interference in my working like, especially with M$ covertly "forcing" W10 updates on unsuspecting people as well as adding various "Telementary" updates on W7 & 8 systems. Trying to maintain a clean (unpolluted) W7 system protected from M$ intrusive policies was and will become more of a nightmare. The other big resistance was the the "Privacy" issues to do with all of this.

    W10 I have turned-off (disabled) everything contentious, edited the Registry to prevent Telementary and also disabled some "Group Policies" too. I have also downloaded and installed the free "Spybot Anti-Beacon". I also installed the free "Classic Shell" so my start menu system is like W7. In fact my W10 system looks pretty much the same as it did with W7, only now I don't have to go through that constant hassle of "do I or don't I upgrade" stuff anymore which is a HUGE relief.

    Stick with W7 or go with W10? It's for each and everyone of us to make that call. My W10 system runs just as perfectly as my "old" system did and for that reason alone I'm relieved I made the jump. As least (for the foreseeable future) I can continue to make music and that's the important thing as far as I am concerned. I sincerely hope this helps anyone still teetering on the balance.
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    I never had so much trouble than with windows 10
    The event log contains over 900 errors
    And i got some blue screens recently.
    I had to reinstall it in order to be able to get out of an creators update update loop...
    Last but not least was the image i created windows backup invalid ... super
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    I'm a bit confused... the log files you're talking about can be seen by Windows admin right? If so, they should be able to figure something out :confused: This is what I gathered from this info anyway:

    "For example, Windows systems record information on application events, system events, security-related events, set-up events, and redirect events. This allows administrators to get an insight into corresponding log file information, which can assist them in their troubleshooting; Windows log files also display which users have logged on and off the system."

    Can the user do anything about the ever-increasing log errors, or leave them up to Windows? o_O
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    OK, I was just trying to understand what the problem was, as there was some info about log files that I thought useful.
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    That sounds strange , I currently use Windows 8, last year I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but the results were disappointing ,first I can't get access to my Windows 10 system,second, use the second month of Windows 10 ,it wastes a lot of my time, including the login password reset , program installation,Windows 10's system is far from stable, and the industry acknowledges that, perhaps Microsoft should not be ready.
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    for the record, I'm still on a W7 system, everything has been working great and more importantly, I'm not forced to waste my very precious and limited free time trying to troubleshoot crashes
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