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Windows ASIO4ALL Blocks All Other Apps Audio - Solution?

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by am3nd, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. am3nd

    am3nd New Member

    Hi all,

    New to the Maschine world. I have it functioning with sound on my Windows PC thanks to the ASIO4ALL driver (otherwise it never worked).

    Unfortunately ASIO4ALL blocks all other audio from any other app on Windows. So the ability to listen to youtube, or music, or anything on my PC is rendered impossible.

    This makes it extremely difficult when you are trying to watch tut vids and the like.

    There must be a solution here?

    I eventually found MultiASIO which enables you to assign Maschine as an ASIO Client, and allows you to assign another application as a Client and according to the website, it works. However, it's Windows audio itself that I want to be able to hear and it is not possible to 'add' that as a Client.

    Please help. I just want to be able to learn Maschine and not have awful user experience when merely trying to hear audio on my own computer at the same time.

    Thank you.
  2. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    Long story short; this is how ASIO works. There is the odd exception to the rule, however your mediocre on-board soundcard will not be one of them.
  3. am3nd

    am3nd New Member

    Okay thanks. What is another solution then? Am happy to look at buying a proper soundcard if that's a way to fix it!
  4. DJ Hellfire

    DJ Hellfire Forum Member

    Interface! However, I still have the issue every once in a while with my Mbox. But most times (9 x out of 10) it works fine. As long as you stop the audio of one app before starting audio on another. Like, if you avoid trying to play youtube and Maschine at the same time, you will be fine. If you want simultaneous playback, get yourself a little behringer mixer and run the interface and you're built-in soundcard to it.

    I use this one in my vocal booth. Pretty decent for monitoring: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/502/

    Other option is to get a Mac, which allows you to play what ever you want through the stock sound card simultaneously.
  5. am3nd

    am3nd New Member

    Thanks to a great friend I have a fix.

    Maschine plugs into my PC like normal via USB, and is using my onboard sound with ASIO4ALL. I plug in my headphones to use maschine.

    My PC speakers, for YouTube etc, are basic ones and are now plugging into my gaming keyboard (Logitech G110) which has a tiny inbuilt sound card in it. So speakers usb and 3.5mm jack go into it.

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! It all works perfectly :D
  6. DJ Hellfire

    DJ Hellfire Forum Member

    Yeah, but boooo for having to use headphones with Maschine all the time. As long as you're happy! :cool:
  7. am3nd

    am3nd New Member

    Yeah got a very nice, expensive pair of head phones. Walls in this house are thin so the privacy is nice :)
  8. the_jex

    the_jex New Member

    Is it possible to pause ASIO4ALL or MASCHINE software, in order to playback other sounds (e.g. youtube videos?)

    Closing MASCHINE everytime is pretty annoying.
  9. jjshield

    jjshield New Member

    Hi am3nd,

    You can try my ASIO Link Driver and virtual sound card at http://midithru.net/Home/AsioLink

    It should do what you want to do here and allow you not to lose any latency on your synth rig (i.e. ASIO Link are pipes windows audio into ASIO at very little processing expense).

    John Shield
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  10. rob83

    rob83 New Member

    If you're willing to spend a little money then I'd recommend getting an audio interface, It's basically an external soundcard. I got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and never had any audio issues since.
  11. phemox

    phemox Forum Member

    Not quite true as you can simply set windows default audio out to the audio interface you use for Maschine.
  12. sakabeat

    sakabeat NI Product Owner

    Weird...i have no problem running several audio apps at the same time
    With asio4all here. ..
    Fwik a4all is multiclient and you still can use other win audio drivers (mme.dx...)
    actualy im running maschine +reason+vlc all at the same time. ..
  13. OutsideOctaves

    OutsideOctaves New Member

    How have you done this exactly? I can use the default drivers that come with my Scarlet 2i4 (and ASIO4ALL) to output from the device to my amp's inputs via RCA cables, but this is not what I want to do.

    What I want to do is use ASIO4ALL as my driver in my DAW. When I do this, I get GREAT low latency, even lower than the most up to date drivers from Focusrite. The issue arises that I can not play back windows sounds as ASIO4ALL takes exclusive control of the audio output to my speakers from my sound-card. Now, if I close my DAW and it in turn closes ASIO4ALL, windows is able to resume playing audio from any other application.

    Now I have already gone to control pannel>sound>speakers(xonarDSX)>advanced and unchecked allow programs to take exclusive control. ASIO4ALL still takes exclusive control... or so it seems.

    What other steps are involved here to get both windows sound and ASIO4ALL running at the same time through the same sound card and same speakers?