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Wireless external hard drive, anyone?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by ruiguerreiro, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. ruiguerreiro

    ruiguerreiro NI Product Owner

    Hi everyone,

    Any of you using an external wireless drive to expand your iPad/iPhone storage capacity?
    I was wondering how I would get around the fact that after installing all the apps I need on the iPad Air (16GB), I will be left with something like 4GB, which is not enough for my close to 9GB of music. And although it seems like it's easy to connect an external drive to the iPad using the Lightning to USB adapter, once that is connected there is no way to power the iPad in case the battery runs out.
    So, unless there is like a hub that allows one to connect a drive and power the iPad at the same time, the wireless drive seems to be a nice alternative.
    Anyone using one of those? Or if not, can you suggest a setup?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Firstly you cannot use a standard external storage device with an iPad. The lightening to USB cable or CCK cannot be used to transfer music, it can only transfer photos and video.
    The only external storage devices are WiFi such as the GoFlex and WiDrive.
    However Traktor DJ uses the iPad Music app, it cannot access music from any other source. This is a shame as some iPad DJ apps can stream music from DropBox, Traktor DJ cannot.

    Also, it is worth pointing out that the Camera Connection Kit cannot pass current/power so you cannot put the iPad on a powered hub.

    The only way to get power and audio to/from an iPad is by using a proprietary cable such as the one that is included with the Z1 Kontroller.
    The cable must be made for and approved by Apple for iPad.

  3. ruiguerreiro

    ruiguerreiro NI Product Owner

    Well, that is a shame indeed.
    So that makes Traktor for iPad a pretty limited app. I'm glad I asked this before spending the money to buy it. I'll get back to the idea when NI figures out a way to let it play music from other sources such as cloud services like Dropbox and Box.

    Thanks for the info Karlos!
  4. trance alba

    trance alba Forum Member

    I'd say that among the list of limiting factors, Traktor DJ is fourth in the list behind:
    1)having a small storage capacity iPad
    2) filling approx 3/4 of that capacity with apps
    3) having a music collection which alone would fill over 1/2 of the iPads storage

    Changing any of these would of course, prevent you trying to work around factor 4).

    But media streaming is getting increasingly common in DJ setups these days so its understandable that you might expect to have your cake 3 times over and still eat it.

    As ever with apple devices, the limiting element might not be the app but the apple placed restrictions.
    Apple like their devices to be used in a way they intend and design for, rather than people making apps that circumvent their intentions.
    It stops the compatibility of software and hardware being hit miss or maybe like you find on other platforms.
    It's kinda one of their selling points.