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Workaround for fader problems

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by tmccoy, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. tmccoy

    tmccoy Forum Member

    There are so many threads with failing faders that there might be an opportunity to try a software workaround. Maybe a new "reduce noise on faders" option could be used to enable some hysteresis on actual movement up and down and limits of a single movement. It might even help to do more analysis to see if the movement is linear.

    For example

    If this is the first movement, store direction (up/down)
    If movement is more than NOISE THRESHOLD and less than MAXIMUM then update software fader.

    Set TIMEOUT for reset of movement state

    If TIMEOUT has not expired, check new position is in same direction. Reject if false.
    If new position is more than NOISE THRESHOLD and less than MAXIMUM then update software fader.

    I'm over simplifying this, but it could save you and users many service calls if there was a way to at least try a basic software workaround.
  2. DJ Slick

    DJ Slick Forum Member

    i like the concept, and can offer absolutely no input on how to achieve this, i don't know enough about what's going wrong to fix it.

    you'd think that you could filter out certain patterns on software ie the fader slowly going down from %100 to 60% or so in a very linear fashion. but that still wouldn't solve the issue that there seems to be hardware contact issues, so the fader wouldn't be %100 responsive.

    your solution however would give the user perhaps less direct control (from 90-100% might not be picked up) if that's the part where contact is bad, but it won't just start doing wonky things in the software.

    bring me the innofaders NI! you put them in the Z2 cause you wanted to make a "professional" product that would stand the test of time, please respect your early adopters who bought your first controller! we want proper faders!