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Worship music patches

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by dickiefunk, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. dickiefunk

    dickiefunk New Member


    I'm pretty new to synth stuff and am wondering if anyone has any worship music patches they would be willing to share?
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  2. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    You might want to check out FM8 rather than Absynth for that...
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  3. Big Gnome

    Big Gnome NI Product Owner

    I'm not too familiar myself ("unchurched" as I am), but most of the occasions I've done sound for religiously themed events I've seen romplers in use, mostly adhering to simple "mellow" pads and string patches alongside the typical pianos and organs and stuff, although correct me if you had something different or specific in mind. Pretty much any old synth can do basic fare of that sort, and I'd look at Kontakt for the more naturalistic or (electro-)acoustic elements. Absynth seem to me an unusual choice for this sort of thing, even for more overtly synthetic timbres--not that it's not up to the task by any means, but it kinda strikes me as swatting a fly with an orbital laser when a rolled-up newspaper will do...

    Do you have examples of the sort of thing you had in mind?