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X-Session Pro & Traktor 3

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by DoJ, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Foreverhex

    Foreverhex Forum Member

    Ive been using the xsession pro for a little while now. I like it a lot. It works well with 2 decks, and you can set up a hot key to switch midi pages, in case you use 4 decks.

    One thing to keep your eye on is that crossfader. My little plastic peice came right off. So I glued it back on... but it may fall off again in the future and probably when It really not convenient.
  2. CombatSkill

    CombatSkill New Member

    i got x-session pro as well and im using Traktor 3...i cant get the headphones cue to work on my pc.any suggestions except getting another sound card?
    get VTT?
  3. Punky921

    Punky921 NI Product Owner

    I'm going to start using the X-Session Pro with my FMDJ9303 for four deck mixes. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  4. sqgl

    sqgl Forum Member

    You mean because it is a knob rather than fader?

    You sure?
    Quoting from page 8 of the X-Session Pro manual
    "Enigma is a powerful program that allows you to change the settings of any slider, knob, or button found on X-Session Pro."

    In fact the latest update of Enigma insists that you choose either X-Session or X-Session Pro since for some stupid reason you cannot have an install of Enigma that controls both.

    But you may be half-right...

    I got Enigma working with X-Session Pro and changed values of knobs and sliders and exported to the device. Unfortunately when i use "learn" in Traktor it receives the factory preset values as if i had not changed anything.
    Then i went back to Enigma and loaded the settings from the device and it shows my altered values *are* in the X-Session Pro. WTF!

    Apparently it is not just Traktor that has this problem:
    "unfortunately dj-1800 totally ignores any settings i do on Enigma."

    Unfortunately i bought TWO Pros and am very nervous now.
    I also have the original X-Session which i programmed to the max and used with Traktor.
    Last edited: May 17, 2008
  5. djk-tel

    djk-tel NI Product Owner

    They have released the Enigma XSP.
    You can update values but it is tricky.

    You need to know how to recall the 10 presets that you see in Enigma XSP on the unit itself....and there is no where on the web or in the manual where they explain that. The Tech Support had to email me the info.

    Search for X-Session Pro and VCI-100 as I run the X-Session Pro on Decks C/D, but there was issues with same messages on both. Had to set the X-Session Pro to MidiCH7. The big trick is knowing how to recall the different presets that you upload from 1-10.

  6. sqgl

    sqgl Forum Member

    Thanks for quick response and giving me inspiration
    to do some more research of my own K-Tel,
    the results of which are below to share with all.

    But like I said, you must choose whether you want Enigma
    installed for X-Session Pro or the original X-Session.
    Only a problem if, like me, you own both.

    Otherwise you can only access the single factory preset

    Well the updating is no more tricky than with old X-Session.
    but I see what you mean:
    The Old XS had ten physical buttons corresponding to these presets
    while the XSP does not... kind of.

    On the XSP there *are* 10 buttons (FONES, FFWD, PLAY etc)
    but to use them to select a preset bank you need a paper-clip or pin
    and press the tiny button "A" on the back,
    followed by the button.

    The correspondence of these buttons to the preset bank number is
    hinted at in Enigma.

    Warning: Don't use MIDI CC's above 127.
    They get mysteriously converted to a number between 1 and 127
    when they are send out of the unit.

    The above was thought to be true back then in December 2007,
    but we have since found it to be untrue
    (via the tips given in this post).

    Now I am concurrently running in Traktor 3.3.2:
    two X-Session Pro's
    one X-Session original (aka UC-17)
    all powered via a mini 4 port USB hub with no external power supply.
    Last edited: May 18, 2008
  7. sqgl

    sqgl Forum Member

    More on this in the README file when you install Enigma.
    The file is called "XSP Addendum.txt".
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2008
  8. jamiet147

    jamiet147 New Member

    Thank you =]

    that file has saved me so much time!
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