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    Did NI actually deactivate/discontinue the X1 MK1? Did I actually spend my hard earned money on a lemon? This piece of equipment has served me quite well and all of a sudden I update to the latest Traktor and now my controller that I rely on doesnt work? If this is seriously the case, NI have lost all credibility to me and I will seriously consider switching over to Serato or any other competitor due to this nonsense. It's fine if you don't want to continue updating firmware, but at least let the rest of us that paid good money for these controllers (they weren't cheap), use them as class compliant MIDI controllers. I feel like NI have gone full Apple and are just f@cking over their diehard fans with moves like this. If all MK1 versions of your controllers are seriously just duds now, what was the point of making them? So, now they just go in the trash and sit in a landfill? Are your products seriously trash??? I'd really like to know what's going on here, I feel like this is a serious matter that needs some light shed on it. Am I the only one that has had this happen to? Am I missing something here??
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    Just discovered this two days before a gig, without the chance of getting a replacement in time.

    Seriously NI. Screw you.
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    Sorry Dude, but my X1 MK1 ist still running, with TSP 2.11.2 and macOS Sierra... Are you Serieously?
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    The X1 MK1 and Audio8 are both officially discontinued and unsupported, so it looks like some of us have it working, others don't, depending on setup.

    I've managed to get both working again (post-gig...) by plugging directly into primary USB ports... which is a bit of an issue on my MBA with only two ports when I have several USB devices to chain. The High Sierra update seems to have changed something with USB power management... and there's no guarantee these devices will keep working with updates.

    Once I get a working setup I will rollback or stick with the last working version for these devices but it means no more updating OSX or Traktor on my dj laptop ... effectively killing Traktor for me as a go-forward dj platform
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    Yes, they are now officially unsupported, but after 10 Years i think it's ok... And hey, it's still running whit the newest Version of Traktor and OS. Not TSP 2.6 an Mavericks ;-) I like my X1 MK1 also, but the End is near and then i can buy a MK2. Just my opinion. I think, the main problem is that they discontinued the Audio10, because there is no other solution out of the mixer segment for 4 decks playing and midi, etc.
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    Hey guys,

    X1 MK1 not working in macos 10.13.4 High Sierra, but there is a work arround.

    first delete NIUSBTraktorKontrolX1.kext located in macintosh hd/system/library/extensions
    remove from trash
    restart computer
    open terminal
    copy/paste this command:
    spctl kext-consent disable

    after this, if you hit
    spctl --status you should see:
    assessments disabled

    copy NIUSBTraktorKontrolX1.kext previously downloaded into the same extensions folder on ypur mac hd
    restart computer
    open traktor, X1 MK1 should work no

    THE PROBLEM is that, on my friends computer this works perfectly, on mine works too when i start it for the firsttime after plug in reinstall, BUT if i restart Traktor, X1 MK1 will work only in midi mode, meaning that I ll be able to use only decks C&D (my X1 mk1 is configured to be used on 4 decks, main layout is copied on the second page too)

    If you know other workarrounds, please let us know.
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    Did you try to download the latest X1 MK1 driver version from the NI Homepage and install it? That was my workaround with an old X1 MK1 an Sierra (not High Sierra).
  8. Robert Huntington

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    my audio 8 says not connected and also my functions on x1 have changed. how do i get this back to its basic set up and working as it was?
  9. Bjoern Marckstadt

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    Hi there :) . I had the same problem with the X1 MK I and did all steps from above...plus I reset the permissons for the driver-installer via the app "permisson reset" ...also I disabled SIP via terminal.... after deleting all files from the trash (like bogmol said) and a restart I installed the 2.8 driver.... I did not wrote the line "spctl kext-consent disable" in the terminal but it worked fine for me! So thanks alot bogmol!!!
    I used this tutorial on a 2017 Macbook AIR with mojave (10.14.2) with direct pluged usb (no active hub). If you check the system info > software, there is still this line:
    83K5EG6Z9V - com.caiaq.driver.NIUSBTraktorKontrolX1Driver:
    Version: 2.8.0 (R36)
    Grund: No User Consent
    Deaktivierungsdatum: Unknown

    (I work on a german system)

    ....but it is working fine, both mods NI protocol and normal MIDI ;)

    I hope all others will have the same success

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

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    Bjoern Marckstadt PLEASE give me a detailed breakdown of what you did? I can't even find the NIUSBTraktorKontrolX1.kext to delete it.

    I also don't quite understand how you reset the permissions and where you disabled the SIP.

    Please I'm not very good with this kind of stuff and really just want my X1 working. I'd REALLY appreciate the help!

  11. tabache

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    I recive this message: "spctl: failed to store new configuration."

    Damn, capitalism! Every year I need to trash something because the new software break all
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    This is really annoying as i just bought a new macbook air so decided to upgrade to TSP3 at a cost of $90! i now need to upgrade to X1Mk2 at a cost of $295
  13. Oszillo

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    users should never just copy and paste very security related commands without reading the corresponding manual pages about those commands.
    In case of "spctl" you disable or corrupt the secure database if something went's wrong. Luckily the secure database has a backup structure in your mac, even if this exists you should know how to turn back to the backup secure database before the apply of any spctl command.
    Sure you can disable and enable the whole secure system while handling around with kext files (aka erasing, moving or reinstalling/redropping in the meant folders).

    If your systeminfo tool tells you there is disabled software make a screenshot first or write down the identifier string "com.companyname.applicationname" of each entry. In case you crash completely you will be lucky you wrote that down to give any expert any hint what caused the problems where to start looking for.

    so open terminal, and take your time reading what is written in the manual when you type

    man spctl

    it should print the manual of the command.
    If you scroll down you can read that spctl controls a rule system that is disabled with the command suggested in the answers above.
    Instead you could figure out what rule you have to add to the spctrl database to make the kext (extension) accepted by the security layer of your osx.

    what is annoying here is that this problems could easily being fixed at all by native instruments and the corresponding installer the users try to use to solve problems following the support pages.

    There is even a much simpler solution for some of the users who have those disabled software problem.
    You can open systemsetup and go into security & .. where the firewall is controlled.
    In the first Page there you will see that usually only software from the app store is allowed to have access right after installing or having the right to be started after its installed.
    You can turn down the controlling security layer there and allow installing software from third party developers.
    Make your normal install process of the software you want and start using the device (X1 mk1) at least once so the system has to access the underlaying kext and plugins at least once.
    This first time access will trigger the spctl to update the rules for this involved processes and it should never bother you again.
    After this you can go back to systemsetup > security > and reapply the security layer for "app store apps only" again if you like.

    I have to repair a friends users setup that is strangely acting exactly as described above with NI hardware (soundcards & controllers)
    As a user with developer knowledge even thinking to make an open source midi driver fixing this if there is no other way.
    So i will keep you posted.
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    hi, you could give me the link of the app "permission reset" or the terminal procedure?