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Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by Dj Kad, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    For who need xponent.tsi file i'll post it soon here. I've finished it. I just need to solve a problem with jogs and write documentation.
  2. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    waiting dude:)
  3. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    Version 1.0 finished :p

    Finally after an entire day going mad with jogwheels, hotcues and other things i've finished the version 1.0 of my Xponent mapper.
    My advice is to load all .tsi settings (gui and everything)
    Post here any suggestions for improve it.
    Sorry for documentation, but i have no time for write it now...and i think you will be curious to test it without wait

    You can discover all features pressing buttons and moving sliders.

    if (X) Button is pressed song will come back to 0 position...when song is finishing his led will alert u.
    U can jump to 1,2,3,4,5 cuepoint...For store them u have to mantain pressed the button with the UpArrow (i call it "shift" button) and then press the (1) or (2) and so one.

    For storing more than one button at time you have to release the shift button and press it again...i will solve this lil bug in next version.
    Buttons < > under the jogs permit you to change effect
    Loops are working as they should.
    Gain knobs work as filter, not as gain...
    cause i've set Autogain in preferences.
    Buttons near the crossfader act like Kill audio.
    If you press play button holding Cue, song won't stop
    You can find the exact cuepoint pressing the jog and moving the wheel or simply pressing play/pause like cdj.
    I've put comments in every midifunction, so if you want to customize it or use all/some functions with other mapper you will find it more readable.

    Hotcue,Seek,Loop leds problems
    Add a browser layer
    Add deck 3/4 map
    create a different map for use with external mixer

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  4. ryan rio

    ryan rio New Member

    doesnt work at all

    Hi, I just tried your file and imported all settings, but it did not work at all
    (TS pro 1.0.1 )
    Any idea ?
    cheerz dude
  5. d-phrag

    d-phrag New Member

    I also posted this to Torq-DJ forum, but anyway:

    the PFL doesn't work at all. The PFL knob has no effect, while the phones volume knob is okay. The jogs only move when touched on top (scratch mode or something...) but not when touched by the side. also if you make a loop, the track cue moves to the beginning of the loop. Also, I assume you're aware that LED's are not working....of course, a small tutorial with screenshots will help greatly on how to connect and route Xponent, but I completely understand you about the lack of time to do it.

    Thanks for your great job.
  6. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    -I don't know if it works with traktor scratch pro.
    I've tested with traktor pro demo.
    -About pfl: have u choosen the deck u want to listen on headphone? (by clicking the button with headphones drawn)
    -All leds are working. i have to correct just few things but they are working (also progress bar, vu-meter, beat phase)
    be sure to mantain hold the padlock button and (2) HotCue button of left deck before u turn on the xponent..and wait the progress bar arrive to the end..then release these buttons and launch traktor pro. This is a trick for set Midi in advanced mode.

    The jogs only move when touched on top (scratch mode or something...) but not when touched by the side.

    They are moving...it's only that movement is very very "ultrafine" because i use them just for exact adjustment.
    I'm not interested in scratch feature but i will map the (hand) button for activate/deactivate scratch.

    also if you make a loop, the track cue moves to the beginning of the loop.
    For me is not a problem but i will look
  7. R.BeLLZ

    R.BeLLZ Forum Member

    Traktor Pro - Xponent map - 4 decks - efx


    Thanx to DJ Kad for the for posting his xponent map. to me it was the better one of the first few maps that people put out.

    I made some additions to it.
    Decks C & D mirrored among other stuff
    switch between bank a & b

    I also use a novation nocturn , so theres nocturn mappings in the TSI. file, but if u dont have a nocturn then they will be useless.


    http://www.robelmusic.com/files/traktor pro.automap

    If the links dont work go on my website www.robelmusic.com, right click on file and Save link as...


    P.S. whats the best latency setting when using the xponent internal audio card. mine seems to snap crackle and pop when using four decks on the lowest setting.
  8. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    Xponent Mapper Update

    Version 1.1 released :)

    -No scratch functions
    -Cd dj mode in temp mode only (holdin the finger button)
    -Loop fine tune adjust (holdin the upArrow button in LoopActive mode and moving the jog)
    -Fixed bug of Effect activation
    -Corrected the bug of noise in background while nudjing
    -fast seek function when music is stop (now use CDDJ jog function)

    -Minor bugs regarding led
    -Buy Traktor pro instead of use demo version
    -Write documentation
    -Practice 'n' enjoy
  9. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    here the file

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  10. holyct

    holyct Forum Member

    Your work is amazing. I made a remix of it.

    changelog (based on DJ kad version 1.1)
    1. enabled scratching (not perfect yet).
    2. finger button now toggle (no need to hold down)
    3. with "m-audio style" documentation for all mappings :)
    4. Torq-style effect control with X/Y pad (try it to believe it).
    5. remapped X and - keys for deck switching (4-decks mixing).
    6. remapped < and > keys to pitch bend (effect switching function moved to mouse pad).
    7. added deck effect on mappings.
    8. added additional cue/loop move function mappings.
    9. moved key functions and added more loop manipulations.
    10. added gain and channel balance mappings.
    11. changed sync button behavior to toggle instead of hold.
    12. added additional browsing mode for track list browsing and previewing.
    13. removed loop fine tune adjust (implementing cd/scratching switch and deck switch have taken the two mod slots available, so sorry)
    14. other minor adjustments (if there is any, cant remember)

    1. havn't done anything about the LED, expect some weird LED behavior in this version (I believe some LED bugs are traktor bugs).
    2. clean up the comment field (now totally messed up by me).
    3. study for my stats exam tomorrow (oh no!)

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  11. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    ı love you, i love you:))))
  12. raetones16

    raetones16 New Member

    Hey, i just got scratch pro and am trying to get my xponent working withit. I used to use virtual dj which it works fine with, but having downloaded your mapper i still cant get my xponent to work with traktor. Please can someone help me?

  13. holyct

    holyct Forum Member

    I love virtual dj too, the new 5.2 version works perfectly with xponent. anyway. scratch pro and traktor pro looks exact the same for me. you need to check xponent(control) in both midi in and midi out under the MIDI setup in scratch pro. and for the LED to work, follow what has described by DJ kad. hold down the padlock and hotcue 2 buttons at the left panel and switch on xponent, release the buttons only after xponent is fully on.
  14. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    Hi holyct, i downloaded and tried your Tsi file and mosty its work perfect, thank you very much, as seen you did hard work on it. But i have 2 question, 1: in PDF files Number 26 (<>) buttons, it says that control pitch bend and notch functions, but in my Traktor it controls Effect select.
    2: the Pitch Fader (standart Xponent Fader) has resolution too big i think, forexample 128.74 a little touch and goes 128.85 or something like this. Really i dont understand that new PRo Modifier thing at all, can say me how to fix these? I looked your tsi details that may be i could find a solution but its too complicated for me, i am new in controller thingy. Thank you.
  15. DJEccentric

    DJEccentric Forum Member

    Your all buggin, Why spend the time to get this thing to work...I guess you all bought the Xponent before Vestax started making Midi Controlers or you didn't have the money for a Xone like me but... I learned the hard way. Sell that piece of junk on eBay and just buy a real controler....
    Man, was I disapointed when I bought my Xponent, couldn't wait to get somthing that functioned like a real mixer again. Not sure why you would take the time to try to make the Xponent work with Traktor. Get rid of it while it's still worth somthing and there are still people out there willing to buy one. Yeah It's OK with torq. simple to use so if you don't want a big learning curve it worked OK as a cheep get buy but it looks like you guys are serious about mixing and not looking for the quick cheep fix. You left torq that came with it for free... and moving on like me to a better app. Why not move on to a better controler too....
  16. pqdbr

    pqdbr Forum Member

    That's amazing, I'm getting a Xponent this week and it's nice to know there's a TSI waiting 4 me.

    you guys rock
    man, you are SO way off ... lmfao

    the Vestax controllers might be good for some people ... but no integrated soundcard is a dealbreaker for me and many others.

    I know the VCI300 has one, but the XY pad and the various knobs for effects control put the xponent in a much better position IMO.
  17. WildStyle

    WildStyle New Member

    Verrrrry nice! ;-)

    Thanks a lot for the hard work put in here peeps... I've been working on a map of my own but I think this ones better for sure, it's appreciated! ;) :D


  18. holyct

    holyct Forum Member

    I will definitely look into it soon. meanwhile, you could read section 15.1 Hotkey and MIDI Mapping of Traktor user manual, there is explanation and examples on how to use modifier. there is also some forum treads going on on modifier tutorials, you probably need to search for them.

    details of my modifier:
    #1: Shift key - 0=release, 1=hold
    #2: left jog mode switch - 0=cd mode, 1=scratch mode
    #3: right jog mode switch - 0=cd mode, 1=scratch mode
    #4: left deck switch - 0=deck A, 1=deck C
    #5: right deck switch - 0=deck B, 1=deck D
    #6: effect switch - 0=unit 1, 1=unit 2

    for pitch fader, it is the limitation of MIDI controller, all MIDI messages send value range from 0 to 127, therefor no matter what you setup the maximum resolution is 128 per controller, means your pitch fader from top to bottom is devided by 128 small steps. the fix would be using nudge buttons for minor adjustment, but seems that doesn't work in your case.:S :(

    having university end of year exams now, will probably release an update for addressing the issues after exams, but I not sure when will the update be done.
  19. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    Thanks anyway. This is a great job, really.
  20. Dudu P

    Dudu P New Member

    I've had the VCI 100 before having an Xponent and I completely disagree with you.

    I can't support a company that sent a USD 600 product to the streets without even trying to use it. I never ever in my life saw a product which you discover is flawed and defective by design on the very first moment you use it (yup, I'm referring to that old lame jog wheel ramp up issue from the past).

    Xponent is really not ideal, but it's the best out of the box solution on the market, and maybe the first one. I really hope those Serato ITCH can provide the same solutions.

    I really don't see the point of using Xponent with Traktor, but that's a personal preference, after all it's a great software and the Xponent has a lot of buttons and knobs to match the challenge.

    Good luck to Vestax, but I definitely won't be buying anything from them. To me, they live at the same slime bucket as Stanton does (I was a FS2 user in the past).