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Ya'll ready for a laugh? FML -

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by RyanKore, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. RyanKore

    RyanKore New Member

    So I left my MK3 Maschine in my bag in my living room.
    My roommates cat decided my bag looked like a GREAT place to take a piss.
    The piss seeped into my bag and got on my Maschine.
    I plugged it in and it works still, but REAKS of cat piss.
    I seriously have no idea what to do now.
    Needless to say, I'm PISSED......lol

    k bye now.

    PS: Help????

    PSS: The cat has since been cremated and the ashes were flushed down the god damn toilet. (lol jk)
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    LEGENDARYFINS NI Product Owner

    Just tell everyone you got the catnip limited edition. Meow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay....
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    LEGENDARYFINS NI Product Owner

    In all honesty, that sucks though. Maybe try keeping it off for a bit, drying it out and follow methods used when a cellphone gets water damage.
  4. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    Electronics doesn't go with liquids of any kind.

    You may have to open the case to make sure there's no residual substances corroding the delicates bits inside.
  5. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

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  6. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    I know that's absolutely terrible... but it is funny ...sincere conmmiserations
  7. NTRLX

    NTRLX NI Product Owner

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  8. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

  9. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    Washing Maschine and hang dry.. good as new
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  10. b-r@nno

    b-r@nno NI Product Owner

    As an insurance guy i can only recommend that you send it in for a "clean up". Your friends liability insurance will/need to pay for it....

    Because piss is nit just "yellow water" but is probably more prone to let the electronics "corrode/oxidate/getting destroyed"...


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  11. muitosabao

    muitosabao NI Product Owner

    Ha! I can relate somehow! I broke up with my ex a while ago, and left my gear at her place. When I picked it up, her cat peed on my DSI Mopho. One key does not work any longer. You can say now that my bass lines are stinky.
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  12. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Oh man, thats funny and sad at the same time. Cat urine has to be the worst smell in the world. It might be corrosive too, like xenomorph blood...lol

    I would disassemble it and scrub it with a ton of alcohol, technically you can wash electronics with water like Bonus Beats said, water won't damage things unless you power it up and it still has moisture... Getting rid of the moisture if it's not disassembled can be hard tho, water or condensation can get trapped inside... Up to you.

    You can also send it to NI for "repair" (You might have to check with support first) or talk to your local electronics repair shop.

    René must be Unique knows a lot about electronics, perhaps he can give better advice.

  13. Et_Voila

    Et_Voila NI Product Owner

    It must be very acid and bad...

    I've spiled tea on my Studio : And clearly, it f$$$ up the 4th pad. So in your case, I'd be worrying.
    Well, chance to you.
  14. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    I feel bad for you, cat urine is indeed very bad for electronics!!!

    We have a cat but when my late Aunt died of complications associated with Diabetes she left 3 cats behind and 2 of them she rescued from a shelter that both are missing a leg each and I couldn't watch them try and be re-homed so I said we would take them and try and give them a home.

    Now our original cat wasn't too happy with this arrangement and for the last year they have been having little fights all the time so the new 2 have been outside but she has taken to marking her territory in odd places around the house inside still. Cat marking is different in smell and consistency than just cat pi55 and is oily and extremely putrid in smell.

    We found she decided to spray inside our paper laminator which we discovered when we switched it on to laminate something and it filled the house with the worst smell imaginable as it heated up. I tried for a whole afternoon to rid the smell from it but nope, had to throw it out....

    That was nothing tho, just 2 weeks ago I was working at my computer when all my USB devices suddenly just disconnected. I did a forced restart (because no keyboard) and when my system came back only 1 of 3 of my monitors was working and still no USB devices. Confused I climbed under the desk to check the connections and instantly smelled it. The cat had sprayed right in the back of the tower over the USB connections but worse, it went in through the vent and a puddle was sitting on the top of my rather expensive GTX1080 GPU. I'm an electronics engineer so had PCB cleaner and tools to clean it but it literally stripped copper off some connections and caused corrosion of some of the components which now means only 1 of 3 monitor outputs works on it so I was forced to do an unscheduled "upgrade" to the GPU and now that cat is also an outside cat!!! I was able to luckily clean up the USB connections using PCB cleaner and anti-static brushes and nothing went onto the MOBO.

    So as much as I like cats sometimes (and my kids and wife like them more), I also hate them and none of them are now allowed anywhere near my studio workspace.
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  15. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    If the OP itself is handy, it can clean the print with
    an IPA spray can and a brush with natural hair.
    So no synthetic brush !!!
    After cleaning, allow the print to 'dry' for at least 12 hours before reassembly.
    Place it in a place where the cat cannot reach.
    Before you know it he pees over it again.

    If you do not dare, you can have a company do it for you.
    This will not be cheap. But actually the owner of the cat must take responsibility.
    Don't wait too long with this, because as JesterMgee indicated in his story,
    the piss is very aggressive, leaving you with a malfunctioning controller over time.

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    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

  17. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    LOL Would you buy it???????????????????????
  18. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I would. I'll give 50$ + a pack of gum for it, shipping cost is on the seller. :D
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    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

    nope :eek:
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