Yamaha DX-7 (syx) 11 MBytes

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    We'll....not billions...200,000 to be precise. ;)
    Thanks for this link.

    I'll add my usual advice for "boosting" old DX7 patches to make them sound better in FM8:

    1) Go to the <Easy> page and lift the Stereo Width - works magic!
    2) If possible, increase the output volume. Most old patches are too soft.
    3) Tweak velocity sensitivity on some operators - makes the patches more "live"
    4) Add reverb or delay etc - season to taste.

    I also often reduce the detune parameter as many patches sound far
    "tighter" when this is decreased. A slow chorus works a lot better on
    a pad patch than a hideous detune which renders the sound irritating
    and incompatible with other instruments.

    One more thing to note:
    When importing banks to FM8, look out for any patches which have
    "restricted" characters
    * (star)
    . (period)
    / (slash)

    If the patches contain any of these, they will be left out when importing.

    Any older users who have FM7 will be able to re-name these patches
    and re-save before importing into FM8.

    New FM8 users don't have any options that I'm aware of.

    Hope this is helpful....
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    https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3at5ytv3y38d2/FM7 FM8 stuff

    DX 7 Bank-Manager XP - FM8 format
    There was on Win XP a DX7 Bank-Manager don't run on Win7-10. It could convert from the suffix mid, dx??, tx?? to SYX. the 4 kb files also. So all formats can't read by FM7 are in this collection.

    All banks are finished: 12,850 in ABC folder are in the link also
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