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    I don't know if that was already suggested (I made a quick search but didn't find anything).

    Would it be possible to have the possibility to see the year from the ID3 in the browser. For now we can only see import date and release date.
    I don't know how to edit the release date easily, so most of the track I download are empty on that section. But they all have the basic id3 "year", which is easy to date with a basic program (even directly from the windows id3 edition system in file properties).
    So what I usually do with the files I download is putting the year and month of release on each track, like this "201911" or "201803", but can't find this information on traktor.

    So a possibilitie to see that would be great, of if someone know how to transfer the info from "year" to "release date" easily, that would be an option to compensate that and be able to finaly use the browser to classify by release date without having a mass edit of work to do first (specialy with old sound)

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