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Z2 input problem with timecode

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z2' started by DJSE, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. DJSE

    DJSE New Member

    I have some issue with my Z2 since few days. The timecode show a weird shape on deck B, as you can see on the picture. The deck A is ok.

    I try to invert the turntable, and the problem still remain on deck B, so I know it's not from the RCA, the turntable, the cartridge, or even the vinyl (I also try changing all those element, and no change). I also try to put the turntable on the line input (as I use Reloop turntable, there is a phono/line switch on the turntable) but same problem, so I guess it's not from the RCA entry on the mixer etheir, but more something inside.

    Does some of you already experience this kind of issues ? Or know how to fix it (I'm in New Caledonia so it's kind of difficult to send it back to the place where I bought it, and it's not guarantee anymore).

    For now it's kind of working using the timecode, but only in relative mode, but I can't really use it for scratching, also I have to put the bpm on stable mode otherwise it keep moving

    Thanks traktortimecodeissue.jpg
  2. claytonthechemist

    claytonthechemist NI Product Owner

    Every once in a while something like this will happen to mine, but turning it off, and back on again, usually works.