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Standalone groovebox and sampler, combining an iconic workflow with premium sounds for production and performance.


MASCHINE is a cutting-edge beatmaker, drum machine, sequencer, sampler, synth, and much more. With 16 high-resolution drum pads, MASCHINE’s intuitive interface offers a completely hands-on, seamless workflow for producing, playing live, integrating with outboard gear, and creating sounds, tracks, and beats. MASCHINE+ brings the iconic MASCHINE production workflow into a standalone hardware device. Take things on the go with MASCHINE MIKRO or go all out with the MASCHINE MK3


Native Instrument’s MASCHINE collection has been at the cutting edge of music making for more than a decade, bringing you new and exciting ways to shape sound in your studio and on the road. Today, the MASCHINE collection is at the vanguard of the music industry, helping musicians, producers, and DJs take back control of the creative process and explore the potential of VSTs and your DAW.  

Hands on, responsive and tactile, music production hardware puts the world of VST technology at your fingertips. Whether its drum pads, keys, DJ controllers, or any other type of interface, production hardware takes your eyes off the screen and gives you new ways to craft and create your music. MASCHINE is the latest example of NI’s forward-thinking approach to music production, seamlessly combining responsive hardware and innovative software for a fully integrated experience through your computer and DAW.

However, the NI MASCHINE series offers much more than just controllers for your PC, with MASCHINE+ and MASCHINE MIKRO working independently from your DAW as a fully functional, standalone music production tool. Check out the MASCHINE range below and find the perfect fit for your creative process.




MASCHINE+ is a fully functional creative audio tool that breaks the mold, bringing together your favorite VSTs in a stand-alone controller that works with or without your computer. Shipped with dedicated sequencer software and an audio interface that allows you to build full tracks on the fly, MASCHINE+ redefines hardware for music production with innovative workflows and an extensive selection of instruments and effects.

Featuring 16 large, ultra-sensitive multicolor drum pads, 8 touch-sensitive knobs, and a 4-directional push encoder, NI MASCHINE Plus hardware is a tactile music production tool that’s as comfortable to use in the studio as it is on the stage.




Small but packing plenty of power, MASCHINE MIKRO is a fully portable music creation tool that’s ready for the road. Make beats, play melodies, and build tracks hands-on with this fast, flexible hardware/software instrument—as comfortable when used as a stand-alone with the inbuilt audio interface as it is when it’s hooked up to your favorite DAW.

Including full versions of our flagship synths MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM, along with 24 studio-quality effects, and proprietary drum and bass synths to build the foundations of your tracks, MASCHINE MIKRO is your compact beatmaker and synth in one, featuring everything you need to create whenever you want, wherever you are.




Limited to 750 units worldwide, MASCHINE MK3 DINAMO is a legend in the making, bringing together the forward-thinking minds of Native Instruments and Basel-based studio Dinamo to create a design classic that doesn’t compromise on functionality — with the same drum pads, rotary controls, and push encoder as our flagship MASCHINE+ controllers.

Featuring Dinamo’s bold fonts and striking graphics, along with an idiosyncratic color scheme of silver and black, this stylish sampler, beatmaker, and synth brings a unique aesthetic to your DAW or MASCHINE workflow as a stand-alone instrument. They won’t last long though, so grab your limited-edition DINAMO today and start tapping out beats in style.

Explore the Native Instruments MASCHINE collection today and experience next-level control in the studio or on stage. Additionally, check out the KOMPLETE range of VST synths, samplers, drum machines, and effects to discover a universe of unique sound.


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