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Crée de magnifiques motifs mélodiques et des textures évolutives en manipulant plus de 320 sources sonores.
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Any great film is underpinned by a cinematic score – from the sweeping strings of a movie’s climax or subtle soundscapes that build its world, to the creeping tension that keeps us on the edge of our seats. 

Whether you’re looking for orchestral sounds or a cinematic sound design package, Native Instruments offers a broad selection of cinematic soundscapes and samples for any type of film project.


Native Instruments’ cinematic collection gives producers the tools to create cinematic sound. Including samples for orchestral scores that drive modern films, as well as specialized instruments for blockbuster soundscapes – from the haunting vocals of MYSTERIA to the atmospheric soundscapes of the LIGHT TRILOGY.

The unique and specially recorded cinematic library of samples that comes with NI instruments is crafted to make the most of the collections’ cinema-focused engines.



George Lucas famously said that “sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie,” and ever since the first talkies, soundscapes, score, and cinema have been inextricably linked. 

A score can heighten the emotion and set the tone of any scene and is used alongside sound effects and dialogue to craft cinematic universes. Native Instruments’ collection of movie sound design tools and software includes a broad cinematic library of orchestral and atmospheric samples and sounds to choose from. What’s more, by using creative sound transitions and cinematic soundscaping tools, movies can create worlds that are outside the realm of our reality – cavernous spaces and roaming leviathans.



The first films made were accompanied by improvised piano, but movie studios quickly began commissioning original scores, which in larger theatres were performed live by a small orchestra. By the 1930s, audio-syncing allowed sound producers to set full-orchestra recordings to film for the first time, and a classic symphonic-style soundtrack still accompanies many of the blockbusters in theatres today. 

What once would have required an orchestra pit in every cinema can now be achieved with orchestral samples and instruments such as  ACTION STRINGS 2, for blockbuster-worthy scores,  ARKHIS and SEQUIS, created in collaboration with Orchestral Tools, and the CREMONA QUARTET, which puts four of the world’s most valuable string instruments in your hands. And, of course, the complete Native Instruments Symphony Series Collection.



Native Instruments SYMPHONY SERIES COLLECTION provides producers with the power of a full orchestra, including Strings, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion, allowing for orchestral cinematic sound design at the touch of a button. Each section, which is played and recorded by some of the best audio professionals in the world, helps build the perfect score for any cinematic universe. 

What’s more, all SYMPHONY SERIES instruments are available as a streamlined set of essential articulations with a compact library in the SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS collection, available as part of KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE.



While lighting and set design might be the most obvious ways to build a cinematic world, atmospheric sound gives locations and spaces (real or imagined) their distinctive feel. 

Artists can sculpt these spaces with atmospheric tools such as those in the Light Trilogy. STRAYLIGHT combines unique sound sources with specialized grain and sample playback modules and precision X-Y modulation, while PHARLIGHT brings a uniquely human touch to locations with its organic vocal samples. ASHLIGHT concludes the trilogy with an instrument to craft a dark, cold, and suspenseful atmosphere library using unique samples of metal, glass and more. 

For fast workflows with a hands-on approach, THRILL allows you to create cinematic tension in real-time using smart X-Y control and more than a thousand sound sources, while ACTION STRIKES offers huge cinematic percussion to drive the drama.

Or, for unique and experimental cinematic soundscapes, open our box of vintage sounds with the KINETIC TOYS instrument, and lose yourself in the fantasy realm that still draws so many of us into the world of cinema.

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