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Le sampleur de batterie du 21è siècle : le choix du studio dans le monde entier pour le sampling de batterie et la production de beats créatifs.
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As the backbone to almost any musical project, drums are an essential part of a producer’s tool kit. That’s why Native Instruments offers studio-quality digital drums - pairing sonic realism with fast, intuitive workflows to give you the creative freedom to sculpt your sound.


BATTERY 4 is our flagship drum sampler, with an updated library of digital drum samples made for any genre and style. Used by creatives the world over, BATTERY 4 offers a seamless workflow with a vast library managed via a refreshingly intuitive color-coding system.

Our production-quality digital drum come fully loaded right out of the box, with plenty of options to build out your own kits from our extensive library of electronic drum samples. Adding your own samples is simple, and the customizable colors allow you to integrate preloaded and homemade electronic drum sounds with precision and ease. And if you ever want to explore beyond the library of BATTERY 4, there are numerous expansions available with tailor-made kits.

With BATTERY 4, you can push your electronic drum samples in new creative directions with powerful built-in effects, like TRANSIENT MASTER, SOLID EQ, SOLID BUS COMP, and more. Run them on individual sample cells to make your electronic kick pop or apply them across entire groups and channels for added definition and punch.

Every tool you need to shape production-ready digital drums in BATTERY 4 is based on an intuitive drag-and-drop system – so whether you’re selecting samples, re-ordering effects, or assigning sounds to performance controllers, it’s always simple and fast. 


DRUMLAB offers an all-new set of drum and electronic percussion samples from 38 individual drums – each recorded in three locations with a variety of vintage and modern equipment to deliver the widest possible range of sounds with stunning sonic realism.

Our premium drum samples are combined with a cutting-edge layering system, which uses 80 electronic layers from a range of classic and modern drum machines – all matched with acoustic samples, so you can seamlessly blend between them to build the perfect electronic drum loops with an acoustic flavor.

The unique digital drum blends are then passed through an optimized effects chain, featuring a compressor, TRANSIENT MASTER, SOLID EQ, SOLID BUS COMP, and more. And if you want a pro pattern to match those pro drum samples, DRUMLAB has you covered with more than 900 patterns and fills across a range of genres and styles.

These can all be accessed through an intuitive user interface for fast, creative digital drum design. Craft unique drum combinations instantly to give any project your personal flair with Native Instruments’ free KONTAKT PLAYER, or our flagship KONTAKT 6 sampler.


If you’re looking for an electronic drum pack that delivers the classic low-end sounds that drive electronic music, then check out TRK-01, a powerful yet intuitive tool for electronic kick and bass sounds. Keeping things simple, TRK-01 is based around two modules: KICK, which blends two sonic layers of either sampled or synth-based sounds, and BASS, which offers five synth engines for ultimate creative control. Combined with the independent sequencers and a range of tailored effects, this tool packages everything you need for a unique, expressive digital drum design.

If you prefer a more random element to your drums, POLYPLEX delivers an eight-part drum sampler kitted out with unique tools to randomize samples, sounds, and the overall shape of your track. Packed with 18 premium effects, this sampler will help you sculpt the exact digital drum sound you hear in your head. And what’s more, POLYPLEX provides individual digital drum ‘Units’ that are optimized for MASCHINE, so you can load specific electronic drum sounds into MASCHINE.

Check out the range of digital drum sounds within the Native Instruments catalog and enjoy seamless, intuitive control over our stunning, pro-quality libraries.

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