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Lo-fi Samples Bundle

Des milliers de sons lo-fi et hip-hop issus des packs Faded Reels, Hazy Days, Soul Magic, Burnt Hues et Drift Theory.
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Music samples, drum loops, and sample packs from Native Instruments 

Good producers use inspiring samples. Whether it’s funky drum loops, authentic live instruments, or out-there sound design, modern production is built on music samples. Native Instruments sample packs let you open up new sonic worlds. Ever wanted to collaborate with instrumentalists or play with vintage gear? Curious about different musical genres and eras? Royalty free samples from Native Instruments let you do all this and more. The only question is: which sample library is right for you?

  1. Royalty-free samples, drum loops, and more from Native Instruments


Explore a world of royalty free samples from Native Instruments. Discover live instruments captured in world-class detail, authentic sounds evoking musical genres and eras, and bold new sonics for sparking inspiration. 


Native Instruments sample packs are themed by sound, genre, or function, allowing you to find one hits and sample loops that are perfect for your project and workflow. Within each sample library you’ll find a range of samples covering different needs, from catchy hooks to driving drum loops and beyond. If you need that one sound to cap off a song, or you’re building a whole palette for your new project, Native Instruments sample packs will have what you need. 

  1. What is sampling in music?

Sampling is the use of a piece of recorded audio in a new composition. This might mean grabbing a chord hit from an old record, looping a drum break to build a groove, or adding liveness to your electronic tracks with piano samples. Sampling is about finding the right sounds, but also creatively transforming them with editing, effects, and sequencing.

Sampling was popularized in 20th century musical movements like hip hop. These traditions are still alive today, and you can get a flavor of them with Burnt Hues, a pack inspired by the vibrant sampling culture of West Coast hip hop. It features live sample loops cut from original tracks, infusing your productions with an authentic crate-digging feel. These days, much sampling is invisible. Virtually all electronic production involves the creative use of samples.

  1. Which music samples and sample libraries are right for you? 

The right sample for you depends on your project and creative intention. Consider what your musical goals are, and how a sample might help you achieve them. Want to add historical depth to your productions? Try Soul Magic, a sample library that captures five decades of authentic soul sounds, from acoustic drum loops and live bass to eclectic keys and organs. If you’re looking to add authentic texture to a track, then Faded Reels might be for you. This sample library captures the hazy aesthetics of lo-fi hip hop, with a trove of sounds resampled to tape and hardware samplers for grit and warmth.

A great benefit of sampling is the ability to work with live instruments that you couldn’t record yourself. Numerous sample libraries from Native Instruments offer top-quality live sounds, allowing you to use a studio’s worth of pro instruments from the comfort of your laptop. Consider checking out Hazy Days, which features live drum and piano samples processed with analog gear, ripe for use in your sessions.

  1. Experiment with drum loops, piano samples, and more

Not sure where to start with sampling? The best approach is to experiment. An inspiring sample can jumpstart your creativity, suggesting new musical ideas and freshening up your sound palette. 

Some sample packs are particularly ideal for sonic explorers. Try Drift Theory, a collection of out-there one-hits and sample loops inspired by the LA beat scene. The bold and imaginative synths, vocals, and drums in this pack are sure to take your music in new directions. But with a little imagination, virtually any sample could plant the seed of your next smash hit. Once you dive into sampling, it will change your music-making workflow for the better.

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