Ce que les pros ont à dire sur VINTAGE COMPRESSORS


"I really like VC 76, it does exactly what i would want it to do. I'm very fussy with my plug ins but this could probably be my go to plug in compressor. Excellent!"

Tim Goldsworthy (cofondateur de DFA Records, producteur actuel de Massive Attack et de The Maccabees)


"I just had the chance to compare the Vintage Compressors with the three originals in the mixing process of a song. First I tried the VC 160 - and was amazed by the reaction of the compressor. I can dial in the same settings and it really sounds like a lovely DBX. Trying the VC 76 in "British Mode", I discovered again: it could have been one of my beloved hardwares ones! Finally the VC 2A - I pushed it super hard and recognized the typical sound of the real stuff straight away.
In the end, my assistant Julien asked me if he could empty the rack to go on eBay... I think I still need a little more time to think about that.
But Honestly, in any way I have to CONGRATZ you guys, I really dig the recreation. "

Zdar (producteur de Phoenix, Beastie Boys, The Rapture)


"Now, with the VC 160 plugin from SofTube/NI we not only have a true emulation of the original, but with the addition of parallel compression, side-chaining and the extremely useful low filter we have a complete powerhouse that goes way beyond the capabilities of the original unit. Not to mention that it is a no-brainer to use on stereo tracks and busses. The same is true of the two other emulations, these are also firm studio favourites of mine, particularly for vocals. I can’t wait to use these on all my mixes!"

Stephen W Tayler (ingénieur du son de Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Milla Jovovich, Rush, Bob Geldof, Underworld, Duncan Sheik, etc.)
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"Vintage Compressors are a fantastic addition to Guitar Rig, they introduce classic emulations of some of the most popular compressors of the last 50 years. Between the VC 76, VC 160 and the VC 2A you have the flexibility to be as aggressive or as subtle as you like with your compression. They all have tons of character, punch and sound very musical across a variety of sources. The GUIs have been beautifully recreated and anyone that's used the original units will be at home in seconds. Having dynamic processing of this kind of quality really opens up Guitar Rig to a wider audience. We now see Guitar Rig as a wonderfully diverse effects processor suitable for anything from vocals to drums not just a pedal board for guitarists."

Graham Archer (Sarm Studios, un des meilleurs ingénieurs de Trevor Horn ; Graham a notamment collaboré avec Robbie Williams, Jeff Beck, Massive Attack)
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"The biggest excitement for me was the VC 160 included. This is without doubt my weapon of choice for a lot of compression duties. It's great to a have such a good sounding native option available now with all the snap of the original."

Robbie Bronnimann (producteur, ingénieur du son de Howard Jones, Nicki Minaj, John B., etc.)


"The new vintage compressors are perfect in my arsenal because I have been striving to achieve that raw almost analog tape fatness to my music and adding the vintage compressors to my signal path is giving me that feel and punch and warmth I'm looking for. Thanks again Native you did it again!"

Che Pope (a collaboré avec Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill...)


"My first reaction was a bit sceptical to be honest, but i'm really happy with the way they behave - i really like the dry level function and the low cut thing as well... they sound great!!"

Jackson and his Computer Band (WARP, Sound of Barclay)


"What I liked about these compressors was their sound: there's a certain warmth I have only ever got by using real valves." Use it on a bass guitar and start with the minimum amount of compression and you will hear what i am talking about. Vintage Compressors have found a home in my studio."

Howie B. (a collaboré avec Tricky, U2...)
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"I've been using them in place of my usual compressor chains, and I must say they are very impressive - I keep forgetting they are there, if that's not too much of a backhanded compliment!"

Marius de Vries (a collaboré avec Brian Eno, David Bowie, Björk...)
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"I've worked with hardware from the beginning - but the problem with hardware is: you need a studio, which I don't really have since I decided to go global with my social efforts. To continue making music, I had to make the switch to software, so I got in tune with Native Instruments, as they have great knowledge of what it is that I need. I literally can not tell the difference anymore - maybe it's all in the mind. Great Job Native Instruments!"

Jay Haze (Contexterrior, Cocoon, Bpitch...)
(Photo : Hans Stoll)
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