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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.

Vocal & Choir

  • Altus

    Best Service

    Altus is a unique solo vocal library featuring José Hernández Pastor, a countertenor with a magnificent expression and a truly beautiful and unique voice. Altus is aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic melodies, without using any phrases. Altus offers a powerful and innovative word builder which combines 26 words (136 elements including words and their syllables) with 5 true legato and portamento vowels (a, e, i, o, u), all at your fingertips in one patch.

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  • Olympus Elements


    Olympus Elements is a powerful symphonic choral library that puts the sound of our full 63-voice Olympus Symphonic Choir into a compact and easy-to-use package. It uses a wide stage microphone blend and covers 8 core vowel sounds: Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh and Oo. The choir is completely configurable, with independent control over male and female divisi sections. Articulations include sustains, staccatos and marcatos, with pp-ff dynamic layering and intelligent round robin variation. This choir packs a massive forte punch and velvety smooth piano dynamics, giving you complete expressive control and creative freedom. We also bring you our industry leading true legato for Ah and Oo vowels, with up to 6-part polyphonic harmony and dynamic interval shaping. The library also features classic choral effects, swells, sweeps, shouts, whispers, atmospheres, pads and evolving soundscapes. Each preset provides an array of fine performance controls, EQ, 50 custom convolution environmental and fx reverbs to choose from.

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  • VOXOS: Epic Choirs


    VOXOS contains world-renowned choirs and soloists with experience in recording for countless Hollywood films, trailers, video games and the concert stage. Recorded at the beautiful Bastyr Chapel, with its gorgeous acoustics, the choirs were captured with multiple microphone positions in 24bit/48k 5.1 surround. The result is a pristine tone that sounds great right out of the box.

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  • Requiem Light


    Requiem Light is a professional symphonic choir library designed for soundtrack, trailer and hybrid composition. The choir includes content for full 45 voice ensemble choir, male/female divisi sections and two soloists. This legendary choral library delivers an unmatched high energy, dynamic, bombastic fortissimo sound that can just as easily glide down to a fluid, soft and gentle pianissimo. The library includes piano to forte true legato for multiple vowels, chromatic vowels and Latin sustains (w/ tempo synching and legato), a huge selection of marcato and staccato syllables and words, as well as a wide variety of useful choral effects, such as whispers, shouts, clusters, demonic chants, sweeps, consonants, claps, snaps and more, along with a fantastic array of ethereal and lush atmospheric choral pads, drones and ambiences. You'll also find improvised chromatic Latin chanting sustains for Tenor and Soprano soloists, with time-stretching and performance shaping features.

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  • Infinite Player DL

    Sonic Reality

    Sonic Reality’s “Infinite Player” is the gateway to an expandable world of Sonic Reality sounds for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. Once you have the Infinite Player (also bundled with other SR Kontakt products) you can then add more sounds to this expandable sonic workstation within Kontakt. The Infinite Player DL package starts you off with a variety of sounds from the Infinite Player series such as a multitrack drum kit, deluxe grand piano and your choice of a multisample or loop collection for an amazing price of just $50. This product is one of the least expensive entry level Kontakt Player products to qualify for crossgrades to full Kontakt or Komplete!

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