Ce que les DJ professionnels disent de TRAKTOR SCRATCH


"One of the things that got me inspired by the S8 is that everything was integral with the mixer… Now it’s just 1 unit to do 1 thing and for me that’s brilliant, because then I can just concentrate on exactly what I need do and how I need to do it."

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"I find that Traktor is taking further steps forward while still remaining connected to the traditional DJ paradigm... it allows you to find your own balance. You can put ten people on a stage with Traktor, and each one of them will have a different way to be creative and bring out their personality through it."

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"We think live remixing is going to be a key part of the whole development, especially with the Remix Decks in TRAKTOR. They are so nicely integrated, offering you so many possibilities and so many different kind of sounds, all very easy to handle"

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"TRAKTOR SCRATCH is on some next level, the Big Boy of digital DJing! If you want to step up your game with digital DJing, it's the way to go."

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"After testing all digital vinyl systems, I chose Traktor Scratch for all my shows. It allows me to bring out my creativity and takes my DJing to a completely new level. The audio interface sounds great and is easy to set up - you can arrive late on the worst DJ booth with shaking turntables and it never lets you down."

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"Traktor continues to rapidly evolve with cutting edge updates, giving me endless possibilities to manipulate the music I play, effectively blurring the lines between DJ and performer."

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"Traktor lets me have the hands-on approach to DJing that I love while getting creative with its effects and looping. The sound quality and ease of connections makes it great to take on the road with me. Now I can spend more time on the music."

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"After spending many years experimenting with software and laptops in the DJ booth I have finally found what I'm looking for... Traktor combines the most essential studio effects with the all-important flexibility to adapt to an artist's needs. When playing with Traktor you still retain the hands on DJ feel and most importantly it sounds incredible."

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"With infinite potential for mixing, looping and effecting, Traktor allows for absolute creative control. The best system out there helps to convey your individuality as a performer rather than hiding it, and Traktor does just that."

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"Traktor was a replacement for using Serato, the sound was a bit sharper and more immediate. Traktor gives me the opportunity to definitely be more creative than when I was only using CD players or turntables. In some cases the spontaneity is a lot stronger too."

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"Thee beautiful thing about Traktor is the beatgridding and loop functions, it allows me 2 take thee muzik and remix songs on the fly, which creates a more original set for me trackwise rather than sounding like everyone else, it also give me great ideas on the production front of things, I felt I was being limited before, and thee future and way forward was Traktor."


"Whoever likes to scratch records likes to keep things precise. Traktor Scratch adresses this with an incredible responsiveness. The sound quality has amazed me and the performance is super stable. Scratching with multiple decks at the same time, no matter how detailed you get with it, it never misses a single bit. Traktor Scratch is like intuitive science."

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"As a turntablist, nothing matters more to me than the feel and sound of my records. Traktor Scratch, more than anything else on the market, gives me the vinyl response and touch that I absolutely need to have. Combine this with crazy features like midi-assignable, in-program effects, and you really have an unparalleled digital DJing system."

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"I feel right at home with Traktor Scratch when rocking the party. The interface is great, and I love the effects and the accuracy of the time-code vinyl. Whether I am doing a slow rub, a fast rub, a cut or backspin, the response is amazing."

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"Traktor's four decks give you the freedom to sculpt your sound the way you feel like. You can really define your sound in a specific way, using material that maybe wouldn't normally fit in the style you're playing. Once you don't have to waste time with beatmatching you can be creative."

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"My big love is gone - vinyl. I found a new one and it is so much better: Traktor! The fact that I can bring thousands of tracks to the show, and warp them in crazy ways, definitely adds another dimension to my sets."

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"Traktor finally allows me to leave the limitations of turntables far behind. It expands the creative possibilities enormously, and it is my new main tool for all my DJ performances."

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"Traktor Scratch has become a very exciting and versatile DJ tool. Considering how many different effects and functions it has, I am very impressed with its stability - even when dealing with old or damaged club equipment. It's a smart and sensible system; definitely the best around."


"The sound quality and the stability of Traktor Scratch are both outstanding. It even works flawlessly in situations where i would have probably had problems with other systems. I also love using the internal effects and the loop function. It takes mixing to the next level without having to carry additional external gear."

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"I could not think of myself DJing without Traktor Scratch. The amount of tricks you can do with the effect and loop sections is just endless. You can make a track 'move and sound' in a totally different way from the original, instantly creating different moods around you. And it always works, no matter what!"


"As an artist I use Native Instruments products for production, so it was only natural for me to use Traktor Scratch, and now I'm enjoying all the growing possibilities of using a computer when DJing with Traktor."

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"There are so many great things about Traktor Scratch - from the interface to the cable system and the well thought-out software. But one thing separates it from all of the other systems I have used... it works every time, no matter how bassy the booth is or how worn out the turntables and needles are."