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2.0.11 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 27, 2017
Reaktor 6



After months of collaboration, 50 exchanged mails, from Paris to Oakland, lots of experimentations, Sandy Small and I, are really proud to present this new contribution to the Reaktor User Library.
PROCESSORZ° is a cool combination of 25 colorful effects which can be played in real time as an instruments via a Midi keyboard.
Remix, smash and twist your tracks in real time. Add glitch movements and make your mix scream.
All effects can be launch instantly or in locked position.
Originally taken from Blinksonic° SUBSTANZ° Groovebox, PROCESSORZ° is a classic remix concept transposed here in the Blocks framework.

This new version brings compatibility for triggering the effects via incoming CV/Gate inside a Block patch.
All the structure and effects have been rebuild in Core by Sandy which brings a complete optimisation with the Block framework. The GUI have also been reshaped.

Each effects have 2 basics calibrated parameters which can be controled via the A/B modulations from any devices or sources available inside your block.
To get a bonus of expressivity, this modulation events can be turned on and off via MIDI, the same way you press on effects buttons. Instant twickling !!
A switch is available if you want to use the Pitchbend and the Modwheel of your keyboard to control the modulation of each effect parameters.

PROCESSORZ° can be plugged to 4 different stereo sources inside your block.
The effect dose of each tracks can be set with the 4 sends control knobs.
These knobs can also receive A/B modulations.

Also a new feature in this version, we made the choice to choose from 3 different routings of the signal path :
- Parallel,
- Serial,
- an experimental one which is both Parallel/Serial for creating highly exaggerated processed signal.

Distortion >> Bit Reducer >> Feedback >> UFO >> Resonator >> Ring Mod >> Phaser >> Flanger >> Freq Mod >> Vowel >> Lowpass >> Bandpass >> Highpass >> Delay >> Reflection >> Pitchshifter >> Reverse >> Scratch >> Stutter >> Looper >> Gate >> Autopan >> Repeat >> Reverb >> Drop.


PROCESSORS also works pretty well as a plugin effect inside your DAW (Ableton Live, Maschine, Logic).
We want it hybrid, means, compatible with Blocks but playable as an external VST or AudioUnit.
A special ensemble version comes in the package with a pre-mounted block with 2 LFO blocks (from ROUNDS) and PROCESSORZ wired to 8 inputs and the main output.
You can choose between 3 panel sets :
- « Default » with only the block Processorz visible,
- « Edit Modulation » that shows the PROCESSORZ and the 2 LFO Blocks,
- « Small View » with a minimal view of the block.

I also add some features for the lucky owners of NKS controllers. Mainly all the parameters are mapped and light guide is set following the effect colors on Komplete Kontrol keyboards. Basically, it’s fully NKS ready.

PROCESSORZ° is as minimalist as powerful for adding some vibrant audio events and changing dimension of any sounds. Many combinations are possible with this kind of FX periodic table.

The ice on the cake, PROCESSORZ° comes with 117 snapshots created by renown sound designer as Richard Devine, Alex Retsis, Paul Peanuts and Matt Subjex.

We hope you will express all your sonic creativity with this tool.

Special mention to Sandy Small that really push the original concept to a high level of quality.
PROCESSORZ is a free contribution, but if you want to reward the works Sandy did, you can donate via paypal :

For my part, if it’s not already the case, there’s still plenty of premium ensembles to get on my website :



cody tyson
12 months ago
Amazing stuff! Equally amazing = just discovering this developer yesterday! Can't wait to tell my wife the kid's college fund can wait until tomorrow. #cuzweneedz2glitch2day!
Lucas Gobetti
1 year ago
Awesome, thanks :)
Giovanni De Vita
1 year ago
Thank You !!!
Matthias Falkenstein
1 year ago
download not working :(
Artem Moroz
2 years ago
Thank You!!!
jc chino
2 years ago
is this version for Mac also ?
Tony Nekrews
4 years ago
Extraordinary work Sylvain. Thank you.
Stephen Burgess
4 years ago
Blinksonice :) Thank you for the freebee and your other ensembles, very cool.
Raphael Doe
4 years ago
Awesome job guys!
chris M
4 years ago
thank you for making this free.
Daniel Moore
4 years ago
im pretty new to the daw/maschine world. How do I get this to integrate with my MK3 controller?
Wei Liu
4 years ago
Phil Durrant
4 years ago
Fantastic :)
Brian Mahoney
4 years ago
Looks Awesome! THANK YOU!!!
Frank Dr. Schwidetzky
4 years ago
Thanx a lot!
ben melech
4 years ago
4 years ago
Awesome! I bought Substanz and Aetonz a few months back, and love the effects section and wished I could apply it to more sources. Thumbs up.
ben watson
4 years ago
Whoa...exactly...So good.
Richard Fitzgerald
4 years ago
Very high quality, great work!
David Coffin
4 years ago
Fantastic, thank you!
4 years ago
Great !
Bob Swans
4 years ago
Thank you!
Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
how come this is so good? Thanks very much!
4 years ago
Très bien!
Philippe Loiseau
4 years ago
Waoh Sylvain, avoir ça en Blocks ! Tooop ! Bravo à tous 2 ! Et merci pour le partage.
Diego Callegari
5 years ago
tnx a bunch! very cool
Austin Larsen
5 years ago
Love the routing possibilities. Awesome
sergio guglielmi
5 years ago
Grazie ......da paura
Dan Corkery
5 years ago
Thanks offering this to us all..much appreciated.
Gabriele Giuseppe Gambera
5 years ago
Thanks a lot! Fantastic!
nice brother
5 years ago
Thank you for sharing
Stephen Leivers
5 years ago
Thank you
Sylvain Stoppani
5 years ago
Thanks for all your messages ! I'll see how to push it further.
Sylvain Stoppani
5 years ago
@Sandy Small : Nothing could be more positive than wise criticism, Sandy !! I fear that i am not as expert as you are.. :) PROCESSORZ° was first a Reaktor 5 macro, contained inside my other ensemble SUBSTANZ°. So I builded it the old way, mixed with the few skills I have with the Blocks framework. So obviously, there is a lot of small imperfections on the build part. May you can enlighten me on some aspects by skype/or mail if you have time. Would love to discuss about it with you ! Mail :
Sylvain Stoppani
5 years ago
@Worwell_ : Cool man ! I will repost it on my network. Nice combo idea by the way !! :)
Sylvain Stoppani
5 years ago
@Jerold Daniels : Here you have a snapshot that shows how everything must be routed inside Ableton Live : More in details on this page :
Sandy Small
5 years ago
This is an interesting idea, but I'm afraid I have some criticisms to make. First of all, the audio path is almost entirely in primary and there are many switches throughout, both of which are big no-nos. Also, modulation is resampled to the display rate, which produces pronounced stepping even at low rates and totally precludes audio-rate modulation. I would love to see this rewritten to adhere to the framework's standards because I think it could be a wonderful sound design tool and the interface is excellent, but as it is I think it needs to be tightened up considerably.
Worwell _
5 years ago
Ultraloop vs. Processorz:
Jerold Daniels
5 years ago
any advice on how to set this up in ableton live?
Claudio Agrosi
5 years ago
this is absolutely amazing!
5 years ago
Bravo Sylvain ! + merci aussi pour la vidéo en français -une fois n'est pas coutume- très didactique. Awesome creation, thank you! Kitusai
Sylvain Stoppani
5 years ago
@arnout killian : Hello, I just verify on the site, I specify Reaktor 6 only for PROCESSORZ°. Anyway, Blocks framework is not supported by R5. This said, other ensembles on the sites can be opened with R5 last update, may it was the source of the confusion. Best !
arnout killian
5 years ago
Hi, on your site you say - A MAC or a PC with the full version of Native Instruments REAKTOR 5.9.2 or REAKTOR 6, but when i try to load this one it asks for REAKTOR version 6.1.1, is it possible to have a version of Processorz working on the 5.9 or 6.0 version? Regards!
Worwell _
5 years ago
Tremendous. The User Library is on fire!
Nick Dwyer
5 years ago
Unadulterated pleasure box. FAB
Martin Géč
5 years ago
Brilliant! Thanks.
Chad Deibler-Hunt
5 years ago
Awesome! Thank you! :)
David Coffin
5 years ago
Sounds GREAT with CloudLab:)
David Coffin
5 years ago
Fabulous gift, thank you Sylvain (love my SUBSTANZ˚, too:)!
Olkin Donder
5 years ago
oh man, Thx Sylvain!!!
Richard Devine
5 years ago
This is great!