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Audio beautifier - Layering / FX / Pitchshift / Multi-looper

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Kris Keogh
1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 30, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Multi-Effect


Processed is designed for real-time use, to transform and beautify a live audio input (or pre-recorded samples) via processing, looping, pitch shifting and layering.

I created this ensemble to process my harp playing; to build thick, fluid, glitched and evolving walls of sound from a single, pure sound source. It sounds glitchy, due to the granular pitch shifting. I love it like that, if you cringe at the sound of digital artifacts, this ensemble might not be for you...

You just play a dry signal into it and out comes (hopefully) thick, lush sound. For me, it sounds best with slow melodic/harmonic sound sources, rather than rhythmic source material. That said, do whatever you want, this is the whole point of sharing this ensemble.

Has a switchable Stereo-Out mode for live use or 16-Outs mode for multitracking to your DAW.

Fully documented, 15-page PDF manual included.

v1.1 update - smoothing added to loopers to reduce clicks, tremolo made less woozy, 1.5 beat option added to loop lengths

Indepth web tutorial on using Processed here:

10 years of on/off Reaktor tinkering has gone into this ensemble, plus my new album was created entirely with this ensemble.
Kris Keogh - Processed Harp Works, Volume Two

I'd love to hear things you make with it, enjoy!


Michael Bell
7 months ago
Excellent thank you very much - it looks like a lot of possibilities once I get my head around it.
Emiliano Pennisi
2 years ago
3 years ago
I Love the ensemble thx a lot ! But for any reasons I have troubles mapping any parameters with my midi controller, any idea why ?
Brandon Owings
4 years ago
sounds beautiful on guitar - instant robin guthrie.
Jerome Santiago
4 years ago
Your music is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your sound and tools.
Arthur Labitzke
4 years ago
We should establish a design-prize for all the ens/isms presented in this club. I bet this contribution would be the award winning no. 1 for a long long time...:D I also listened to snippets of your music, Kris. Hats off! And concerning the vast possibilities of "processed": It will be a default installation in all the templates I use for my work. Thank you so much! And keep it harping down under...
Kris Keogh
4 years ago
There's an in-depth tutorial blog about the musical uses and the making of this ensemble here:
Kris Keogh
4 years ago
@Ryan, there's a page in the manual that comes in the download dedicated to getting to work with Ableton. hopefully that will help! Good luck!
Kris Keogh
4 years ago
@Nick > Sweet idea to put it on an FX send. That never even crossed my mind, I always use it as the sole instrument in my setup. This is exactly why the Reaktor User Library is so good. Sharing rules!
Der Einmeier
4 years ago
A beauty!!! LUV it!
Nick Dwyer
4 years ago
A thing of beauty. I just used this in Ableton (@Ryan Collings: replace the reverb on SEND A with Reaktor, via Plug-ins/VST/Reaktor 5/6 Effects then load Processed.ens) using a marimba sample. WOW. Trippy and hypnotic and very like a Steve Reich piece. Lovely work @Kris Keogh! Thank you.
Ryan Collings
4 years ago
@Thierry Kitusai How do you get it to work in ableton?
4 years ago
Just trying in Ableton with flutes, very funny, creative and inspiring, thank you!
Venj Systems
4 years ago
I look forward to trying this out, I'll be back with a review soon :)
4 years ago
Nice looking and sounding tool. Works great on Rhodes. Thanks