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Aries Crazy *!%#

Aries snaps: Seq, eq and filter-mod abuse

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1.28 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 09, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Another bank (now with 128 snaps) for my new favorite distraction, Michael O'Hagan's brilliantly deep crazy-maker, Aries 1:

I love how this thing constantly surprises without recourse to randomization. You can do that with the snap-panel randomizer of course, but the ensemble itself doesn't have any built-ins for one-click FingSU, which interestingly bucks the Reaktor tradition for creating strange. Instead, it's just so packed with osc options and spectacularly powerful modulators that you can get to WTF!? equally fast, but with wonderful control and fine-grained tweakability. All these looping, loopy sounds were made that way.


4 years ago
Thanks David.
4 years ago
David please rar your file