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Triad Harmonizer

Adds harmony to a melody based on left hand chords

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Mark Smart
1 (Updated 1 year ago)
September 04, 2017
Reaktor 6


This ensemble adds harmony under a lead note based on what chord is being played (inaudibly) at the lower end of the keyboard.

Play a C major chord with the left hand and a melody played by the right hand will be harmonized in the key of C Major.

The Synthesizer instrument contains Junatik from the Reaktor Library, but any synth could easily be pasted into it and connected to the Pitch and Gate outputs on the Combiner macro.


santiago vilanova
1 year ago
Very cool results on that video too! Believe me, I can understand what you say about involved work for creating those instruments... But if at any point you get bored of using it, that would be a great update to this Triad Harmonizer. Thanks!
Mark Smart
1 year ago
I have made on that does jazz harmony triggered by 4-note chords in root position, but I'm not giving that away for free because it was too much work. LOL Here it is in action: There's an inaudible MIDI track playing 4-note root position chords into Reaktor to tell it which tables to use. But it can also be played with the left hand like this one I posted.
santiago vilanova
1 year ago
Very cool! would love to see this working also with augmented, diminished and extended chords (7th, 97th, 11th...) does the system allow to do it?
1 year ago