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Red Box

Monophonic sequenced synthesizer.

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
September 26, 2017
Reaktor 6


One of my first creation on Reaktor. I use this box a lot for my studio work and for live. Very simple synth with no effects, no LFO, just the vibe of a four wave oscillator, his sub, a low pass filter, a big distortion and one envelope for all. I modified some of my favorites ensembles.

So thanks to :

Michael Hetrick for the "AD Envelope/VCA".
Bradley Gray for the "AE35" filter.
Marcel Huibers for the "Drive" module.
Benjamin Poddig for the "DPW Oscillator" core base macro.
Charles Capsis IV for the "Sixteen" sequencer.
Efflam Le Bivic for the "GUI kit" knob.
Marius H for the "moog style" button.



1 year ago
Yesterday I was sad to hear that the Erebus is now discontinued. Today I stumble across this malleable monster. Tidy. Functional. Elegant. It has already inspired something and that is always a good sign. The people downstairs are also happy, another good sign that I am onto something. Thank you, this will get a lot of love. Peace
1 year ago
With pleasure Paule.
1 year ago
Bird, feel free to add my snaps to a new version of Red Box.
1 year ago
Nicholas Johnstone
1 year ago
Nice UI & elegant concept, cheers