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Synth with the Blocks AB modulation slots

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1.0.5 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 12, 2017
Reaktor 6
Blocks Patches


Note: this not a true block sens the sizes of the width and height exceeds the standards sizes of the blocks. but if you do not care for that you can use it as a block as well...

*Julia Osx [18 'units' Block] Included
made with:
(three files in the RAR).
this Block named after Julia from the IN Customer Service team..she was helping me get my Reaktor up and running so I figure that she deserved a block for that.

this is a hybrid of Ens and Block. if you wish, you can use it has a synth. or you can replace blocks to this Rackbolck. for example, you can feed in some other modulators blocks into the AB inputs ports, and replace or add more Blocks of filters to the appropriate input's ports.

*if by chance you do changes with the patching of the "not true Block" don't forget to update the snapshots as well (not a lot to update).

AB mods -
two MB's STANDARD MODIFIER's Blocks as a modulator to this Synth

Midi -
I use the "INT - Note in" Block from the Reaktor Blocks for a midi info, and placed him in the System macro.

Osc - 4 classic subtractive synthesis waveforms

Sine - two sinus waveforms with Phase modulation synthesis capability.

Tri - two triangles waveforms that can get synced to each other.

Saw - two sawtooth's waveforms that can get synced to each other.

Pulse - two pulses waveforms that can get synced to each other.

the Sine, Triangle, and the Saw waveforms can modulate the PW by turning on the PWM button and boost up the PWM depth knob

Sub -
Sub Osc synced and controlled by the Pulse waveform

N -
white or pink noises with a crossfade knob

Filter -
MB's STANDAR's Double Serial Block as a first two filters in the chain, and a Double Parallel Block as a second two filters in the chain. I modified each Block to have a mix knob in order to get more flexibility to this synth.

AMPan -
Out level and Pan controllers

Updates history.
.4*added a "ready to patch" block for the blocks environment. (two files in the RAR)
.3*added DC offsets trap
.2*fixed some bugs
.1*added some snapshots

N -Joy..!


Moshe Banano
1 year ago
you welcome Brett, I hope you get's a good use out of it.
1 year ago
This is the kind of stuff I like. Thanks Moshe, thanks Julia.
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
will update soon to have some snapshots for this.