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Elgarorn - Alien Organ 3.0

AmbieGarde Rhythms

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3.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
March 10, 2018
Reaktor 6


Dedicated to Cal's Alien Shalana Scott.

Thanks to:
Chet Singer
Stephan Reinhardt
Tim Schwerdtfeger
Donald Phillips
Dietrich Pank
Colin Brown

Sound design:
Chet Singer
Brett Lavallee
Philippe Loiseau
Paul Schnellbecher
Cal Scott

Key range setting

Based on a model of a Hammond organ. It includes drawbars with 3 dB per step, foldback, key click, harmonic percussion, and an 8-stage scanner.

Snapshots include the complete set of Standard and Theatrical Hammond presets, two modified sets designed by Paul Schnellbecher, and some additional miscellaneous entries.

The oversampled too-b overdrive was included courtesy of Robin Davies.

Chet Singer, 2006

Two more draw bar sets with pulse and osc

Chet's patches tweaked to the draw bars and some dumps.

Changed random volume switchable to each drawbar include in snapshots.

Pandemonium based on Dieter Zobel's pandom

4 steps double sequencer (4SDS) is extraceted from my Silhouettes

32 global voice

added MRC and 4SDS

MIDI MRC Gate › Rounds Delay
MRC P/G › 4SDS › Elgarorn
Mod A/B 4SDS › Rounds Delay


3 years ago
version 1.3: more Key-Click and a new demo
3 years ago
version 1.2: changed random volume switchable to each drawbar exclude in snapshots - 3 new demos
3 years ago
Kimmo, no samples on board. There are more than 400 snapshots in it. Which one? If you rise up the level in the 'Key-Click' area?
Kimmo Kivelä
3 years ago
Sounds VERY good. There could be this small click (maybe a sample) in the start of the sound. (Yes there is but it could be sharper...)
3 years ago
v1.0.1 Two voices where locked out. Now are all 24 available.
3 years ago
Yes Greg, I don't name it exactly B3 (4). Reaktor is an open system. If you don't like the distortion - put another one in. Or the perc/click. You can't do it in B4 II. And the gui (numbers of the sliders) are so small. So I set set all other panel elements to flat except the draw bars. And you can pull/push them in the right way. The suggestion for the ‚Lazy Shaper‘ comes from Philippe Loiseau. Mostly it's weaved inside the sound but listen to #005 talking space from the bank Alien Worlds and draw a bit on the x/y surface.
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
This has an amazing deep and rich sound I don't think I've heard before!! Thank you!! wow...