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Pseudo-additive Polyphonic Synthesizer

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1.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
March 18, 2018
Reaktor 6


A polysynth based on the principle of taking harmonically simple oscillators and building their harmonic structure from the bottom up using a combination of waveshaping algorithms.

It's named after an album I made in 2015, where one of the tracks was comprised of a 10 minute improvisation using a patch I'd made in Ableton using the same principle.

Includes a Juno-styled arpeggiator for fun, performance-orientated sequencing and a tuner for converting integer MIDI into Just and Microtonal scales - a full list of available scales can be found on the Scale knob's info pane.

Created by Paul J Berlovitch 2018. Give us a shout if you find any glaringly obvious bugs, I'm only human. If you do something particularly cool with this, please let me know - I'd love to hear it.

UPDATE: Removed arpeggiator, spent all of yesterday trying to iron out bugs in it and crashed my laptop three times in the process with overly convoluted sorting processes (reaktor sucks for data handling); so rage-quit on it instead. Ableton has a decent enough arpeggiator if that's a thing you need :P
Have also added a Humanizer because I tend to find that sort of thing useful when programming MIDI in a host sequencer.


Paul J Berlovitch
2 years ago
Experiment for yourself
2 years ago
Do you add snapshots? To show us in what your instrument can work!