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Dilithium 1.23

An experimental drum sequencer exploring Tempo Modulation

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1.23 (Updated 1 month ago)
April 25, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


Dilithium For Native Instruments Reaktor 6
Version 1.23

Dilithium is an experimental drum and percussion sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor 6 that allows you to explore tempo modulation on a per track basis. Dilithium has its own Global Clock that can be used to synchronize, modulate and reset the track clocks. However you can still use the Reaktor standalone or DAW clock in plugin mode. An additional midi-only version is provided for sequencing plugins or gear, or to use as a clock controller.

8 Tracks are available in various modes:
● Sampler FM
● Beat Looper
● Audio Gate
● Midi Out

New in version 1.23:

● Master Tempo Curve - You can now modulate the Master clock tempo allowing you to affect the tempo of all tracks at once. This works in conjunction with track clocks which might themselves be modulating tempo. For example, you might have discrete track tempo changes and then want to ramp everything over a longer time frame.

● Changed scaling on tempo curves and controls to support hard-cuts and ratcheting

● Tempo division buttons for ¾, ½, ⅓ and ¼ time (gates)

● Added INIT snapshots with empty tables

● Snapshot Controller - Snapshots can be triggered in the panel using the bank and pad controls which also serve as a display for the current snapshot. Pads are arranged in banks of 16 to work with 4x4 midi controllers

● Track LEDs - Activity lamps now indicate events around the track select buttons

● Event Generators - Each track now has gate and pitch event generators to fill in tables with a single click including randomization

● Hardware Map: Dilithium_MaschineMk1.ncc for NI Controller Editor included. Layout for using the NI Maschine Mark I controller in midi mode as a Dilithium controller

All tracks can output midi and samples, while tracks 7 & 8 additionally offer Beat Looper and Audio Gate modes. Tracks 1 & 2 have dedicated overdrive.

Dilithium comes with snapshots that can be triggered with midi notes, program change or CC messages.

Designed by Jonathan Adams Leonard (2019)

Dilithium Demo 1: Recorded with Dilithium and SY66 for Reaktor.
Tour Beatz: Recorded in the upper front lounge of a tour bus enroute from Switzerland to Belgium and are snapshots directly from Dilthium.
Confuzion: Drums with midi version of Dilithium. Flute by Michael Higgins.
Picture: 2018 Justin McGrath


Doug Banks
4 days ago
This is awesome!! Thank you :)
Jonathan Leonard
1 month ago
If anyone wants the samples in Dilithium:
Jonathan Leonard
1 month ago
Hey Andreas! Sorry for that. I updated with the fix if you want to download again. Hi Hartej, if you mean Tour_Beatz, that one is just a live session straight out of Dilithium. The chords are samples in the map called DX_Stab 12 and 3. I made these with DEXED, which is based on source from the Music Synthesizer for Android project, which seems to be the most authentic rebuild of the DX series approaches for FM...MkI, MkII etc...
Andreas Brons
1 month ago
Sounds really promising, but I can´t manage to use different MIDI out channels. Is Reaktor not limited to just one MIDI out channel?
Hartej Dhiman
1 month ago
Awesome demos. If you don't mind sharing, what Synth is used for the chords on the second demo? Thanks!
8 months ago
Thanks for the workaround. It seams to work, but I dread the day that I forget to first create a new snapshot before tweaking around. Maybe you could also add an INIT patch. But would it be possible to make the snapshot saving work as expected in a future update? Or is this not possible with how you set-up you patch.
Jonathan Leonard
8 months ago
Hi xyzt sorry if you lost any work! Dilithium uses event tables to store sequencer gates and pitches. Each snapshot has it's own table index and column of values. When you use an existing snapshot to build a beat and then save to a new snapshot the table index will change and could be empty or different. You can use the copy paste functions to move sequences between tracks or snapshots. The best way to build a beat is to pick or add a new snapshot first, edit and then store. It is kind of annoying but works once you create a snapshot first. Hope this helps!
8 months ago
Getting some great sound and patterns form this device, but i'm unable to save snapshots. When I try to save them a lot of info is lost in the sequencers, thus the resulting sound is lost. Hope you can fix this...
Arthur Labitzke
8 months ago
This is awesome! That was EXACTLY what I needed. Even by scratching only the surface you can sense the vast amount of incredible possibilities you can realize with this machine. I´m speechless! Thx so much! BTW: Do you appreciate donantions? How?
John Smith
9 months ago
Super cool demo tracks. I'm impressed with what you've made here :-)
Kimmo Kivelä
9 months ago
Very cool. Ffirst SEQ to play un-4/4. Well, almost. But this is more like a small DAW itself.
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
thank you, cool and efficient package of features and samples !
Petty Vendetta
9 months ago
Badass, dude. BADASSSSS
Jonathan Leonard
1 year ago
Here is a demo track of Dilithium doing drums since the upload here isn't working:
Dieter Zobel
1 year ago
interesting, I have to learn and have fun with it
Felix Petrescu
1 year ago
thank you. bigups! as concept, possibly the best drummachine I've ever touched! the interface still not there but... FANTASTIC ens! looking fwd for v2...:)
Michael Tambaro
1 year ago
Very nice, samples and beats. A lot of options with the midi out. Thanks