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Latest MIDI Voice

Outputs ID number for the most recently allocated MIDI voice

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
November 13, 2018
Reaktor 6


Outputs the voice number for the most recently allocated Midi voice.

I came up with this while trying to isolate the latest voice when monitoring a polysynth on a scope. It works great for that :) and I'm sure there are many other possible applications.
It's deceptively simple - one of those 'seems obvious when you know how' kind of things. But polyphonic Reaktor code can be a bit of a mind bender at times, so I thought I'd share.

Untested in the context of unison. I guess in that case, you'll get the most recent of the unison voices allocated to the latest meta-voice. Please post a comment if it does something odd with unison