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VC synth

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1.03 (Updated 6 months ago)
January 25, 2019
Reaktor 6


update 1.03
In Virtual Patch macro added AB modulation slots
- x3 VCO's
1st one is master and the other two are slaves,
- Mixer
VCO 1,2,3 Lvl control in dB scale, and preFilter x4AA hyperbolic waveshaper,
HP 4pole ladder filter-> NLA/B TSK 2pole filter -> feedback with postFilter x4AA Hyperbolic shaper
linear outLvl and Pan controllers
EG1, EG2, LFO1, LFO2 targeting parameters via virtual patch.

enjoy the power of nonlinearities :)

update history
1.01 Output macro now uses VCA module instade of Gain (can gets faster decays) thanks to Philippe Loiseau for point it out

1.02 AD and R segments of the envelopes can gets bend


Moshe Banano
6 months ago
thanks Brett, that is the oldest trick in the book:)
6 months ago
Sounds great! Love the feedback effect on the filter. Nice presets too.
Moshe Banano
7 months ago
the decay is linear, only the attack can get "bend' its the default setting of the adsr eg from the library, i may update this synth =]
Philippe Loiseau
7 months ago
Moshe, even when clearing all modulations except EG2 to VCA, I can't get a short attack time. Do I forget something, or is it a desired behaviour ?
Philippe Loiseau
7 months ago
Merci Moshe !
Moshe Banano
7 months ago
it's my pleasure man
Greg Killmaster
7 months ago
I love this! Getting really interesting sound variations! Thank you!