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Is-qui Mini Gen 1.1


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1.1 (Updated 8 months ago)
January 28, 2019
Reaktor 6


Just another Synth


Jeroen Arends
8 months ago
Sadly crashes Reaktor also here. In both Logic Pro X and Reaktor standalone. A pity it looked fun.
Jonathan Stubbs
8 months ago
No crash issues here. It opens and runs fine in Reaktor 6. (Won't open with Reaktor 5, obviously). Lots of fun and interesting tones coming from the presets. I don't understand it yet, but it's intriguing. This ones a keeper.
Petty Vendetta
8 months ago
nothin' but GOODNESS
Petty Vendetta
8 months ago
go ahead...hit the random button
Petty Vendetta
8 months ago
shut up- this thing's the BALLS
8 months ago
Real good, funny / scary!
michael o'hagan
8 months ago
This synth crashes reaktor on open every time I try and open it.