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Groove generator. Not smart but with a big heart.

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1.01 (Updated 2 years ago)
March 26, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower


A simple (and boring) groove generator suitable for minimal techno tracks.
Very light on CPU.
v 1.01:
-New seed maker;
-Better sidechain;
-Deleted unused & unuseful stuff;


Robin Necron
1 year ago
simple but very usefull, background loops but solo'ed also some synth like hooks,thank you!
Fausto Matos
2 years ago
Nice and simple, thanks
Dirk Wallinger
2 years ago
...die Hausaufgaben wurden gemacht,seitens der inneren Struktur! Big ups - 5 Stars
ian ainslie
2 years ago
Danilo - thanks for that. This is such a fantastic little tool :)
Danilo Bovi
2 years ago
Hi Ian, click the "kick" label to mute/unmute the bass drum. A tip for you: click and drag vertically the "random" label to change randomization percentage.
ian ainslie
2 years ago
Love this is thing to bits. There's only one possible improvement I can think of - would it be possible to mute the kick, so that there's only the hat/clap/other percussive elements?
John Smith
2 years ago
This is fun because it is so simple (and boring) :-)
ian ainslie
2 years ago
100% Delightful !!
Claude S.
2 years ago
If I may... I love this little guy! Idea: A randomly pitched tone or sound that you can import in (ala sample).
2 years ago
Danilo, there some breeding lazy & little randomized ssf for your tiny charming instrument. Don#t load in ensemble layer/ level. There is no function. Thanks a lot. It shine quiet well on this rainy windy afternoon and evening.
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Charming !
2 years ago
A Burger-Bass?
Ticco Ross
2 years ago
you made my day! Very cool concept. Maybe a clepto-bass now?