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macros as blocks with panel ports

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1.01 (Updated 3 months ago)
May 04, 2019
Reaktor 6


1.01 fixed reported EG bug

2 oscillators with 4 waveforms each that can get scanned.

Xfade module with two faders

state variable filter module with HP LP BP outputs

MIDI module with KT, Vel, PB, MW, AT ports Octave transposition and glide

two ADSR env

two LFOs

N joy

credits go to
don anagram, chat singer, and trialNerror


Moshe Banano
3 months ago
will check it out
gentleclockdivider .
3 months ago
the envelope always outputs the value of the gate velocity , regardless of decays ,sustain settings
gentleclockdivider .
3 months ago
The decay/sustain stages of the envelope's don't work .
nikita konstantinov
3 months ago
Moshe Banano
3 months ago
thanks - and its all modulating at SR instead of CR. I am thinking NI did some work on CPU issues
Philippe Loiseau
3 months ago
Nice and classy, very CPU friendly = :-)