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Twin Sisters (alpha 0.6.0)

4-voice polysynth – Dual osc, filters, envelopes, LFOs, FXs.

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alpha 0.6.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
June 26, 2019
Reaktor 6


This is still a work in progress but the sound is there!

Twin Sisters features:

• Two custom exponential-style, detunable and pannable oscillators – both have volume levels for triangle, saw and pulse waveforms, as well as modulation types.
• Two 5-mode filters based on Vadim Zavalishin's 8-pole designs – includes a simplified inverted band-reject mode that sounds mighty good.
• Two LFOs that can modulate each other.
• Two envelopes – one for the filters, one for the amp.
• Two custom-made effects: a stereo delay and a stereo reverb. The delay can be modulated by the LFOs for swirling chorus effect.
• A special "dual-distortion" effect – positioned post-filter but before the reverb/delay.
• Two simple sequencers (pitch + gate). Each can be turned on or off for gated effects or arp-like sequences triggered on key press.
• A Randomizer module – albeit destructive – with an Amount knob and trigger button to activate it. Save your presets before using it!

Known issues:

• The knobs/faders may show inaccurate values and none negative.
• The GUI of the sequencer needs work.
• The offset of the delay has no effect past a certain value if the delay time is set to maximum.
• A noise generator is missing and could be a nice addition to the oscillators.
• The reverb cannot be modulated by the LFO's (already planned in a future build!).

Feel free to share your feedback or issues if you encounter any. This is still a work in progress!

P.S.: I am also planning on making each individual element available for Blocks very soon.


László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
1 year ago
hi jason, glad you like it! @paule: thanks for the tip, will do next time!
jason gerds
1 year ago
This is excellent! Thank you!
1 year ago
Please compress your next upload. The result with rar left 4.5 mb - thanks