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Granular Sample Morpher

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Nick Dwyer
1.2 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 02, 2019
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


A sample-morpher for Reaktor 6 (full version).

“Wavcloud is a granular sample morphing instrument with an elegant, deceptively simple interface, that has ‘big budget sound design’ written all over it. While the included soundbank is guaranteed to provide hours of inspiration, it’s also easy to load your own sounds via the sample map editor.”

MARCH 8, 2018 by SCOTT MONTEITH on the Native Instruments front page.


A pair of grain resynth sample players (that between them access 127 wavs) are routed through a cloud delay. Then there is a tempo-synched LFO, filter and envelope and a set of master FX: sub-bass (single-note at C60), vinyl crackle, tape-hiss, reverb, chorus, frequency shift and a limiter. That’s WAVCLOUD.


The two main controls are BANK1 and BANK 2. Use these to set different combinations of samples numbered 0 - 64 (BANK 1) and 65 - 126 (BANK 2). Then tweak as many parameters you like anywhere else on the instrument to morph the sounds and experiment with the audio. If you want, open the sample map editor with the icon at the top of Reaktor (or FN F6) and swap the samples with your own. There are three sets of sample maps, SUB, Sample 1 and Sample 2; SUB is a single sample for the sub-bass FX. The other two are identical sample maps with the same 127 sounds in each. They’ve been split half and half numerically across the two BANK selector knobs to avoid duplication.

To replace these you need to use the Sample map editor. Need advice? Go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide. Ensure all samples are set to midi note 60 and the keyboard range is from midi note 0-64 for Bank 1 and 65-127 for Bank 2 inclusive for the selector dials to operate correctly.

WAVCLOUD is a way of creating unusual soundscapes. It doesn't play nice! Listen to the 36 presets and use them as a starting point for further exploration. There is a set of 12 beats produced via the tempo-synch on the LFO, a set of 12 dark soundscapes and a set of 12 glitchy pads.

VERSION 1.2 upgrade notes: WAVCLOUD is now visible to your DAW and keyboard for remote control of parameters.


If a BANK is turned off the selector dial doesn’t work. If the display freezes hit a midi note to re-animate it. This is especially true of the window on BANK 2.

If the cloud delay is turned off the window may go blank. Once it’s turned on the display resumes.

The waveform window (third from the left) has a purely visual function. As does the pale green panel that sits over half the window section of the instrument.

View B has a darker skin

374MB DL


Nick Dwyer
2 days ago
Love this! An elegant, deceptively simple interface, that has ‘big budget sound design’ written all over it.
3 weeks ago