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Proton 7 Fix

A great synth by Stephan Becker has been fixed

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0.1 (Updated 11 months ago)
December 08, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower


Stephan Becker made some truly great Reaktor synths.
Unfortunately, two of the best of them, Proton 7 and Concept X, at some point in Reaktor revision history get broken and Stephan never fix them.
This was a true shame, because they're very complex machines capable of great sounds.
Although I am a noob in Reaktor, I've managed to fix them.
(For the curious/technical: all the Receive modules needed to have "Enable Switch Off" checked)

This is Proton 7. It's clearly inspired by Massive, even in its appearance. It includes:

3 oscillators (2 wavetable, 1 virtual analog) with the possibility to modulate waveforms in various ways
1 noise source (various colors)
2 multimode filters (serial or parallel)
a shaper multimode section
a sofisticated modulation section including:
4 Envelopes
4 LFOs (multiwave) that can be switched to step sequencers or "performances"
a FX section including reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger and EQ (three of them can be stacked)

The real power of Proton 7 is the fact that almost all the synth parameters can be modulated by the modulation section (even the modulation sources themselves!).
I've mapped 6 controllers (3 to 8) to the Komplete Kontrol keyboards knobs (cc 14 to 19); other than that, the synth is exactly how Stephan built it.
The snapshots are the original ones.



Ivano Locci
11 months ago
Dunno. I made some quick tests with snaps with multiple envs, lfos, steps and perfs and they seems to be retrieved fine. Can you point to more specific issues?
Petty Vendetta
11 months ago
Workin on some snaps Ivano, but they don't seem to sound the same when I reload them. At very least it seems the envelopes are getting corrupted. Anyone?
Petty Vendetta
11 months ago
ooh- thissun too. Didn't recognize this as Mr Becker's talent. Ypa!
11 months ago
Great! 10/10