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Generative Windchime

A Windchime module which generates and changes sounds.

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January 08, 2020
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The generative wind chime module/ plugin is set to randomly trigger note values in the minor scale. The randomness and Density (How often something is triggered) can be adjusted manually via an XY-Pad. To change the sound there is different effects already built into the plugin. These include:
An envelope (AD)
An oscillator modulation section (Mod Osc)
A linear filter
A chorus
An overdrive
A phaser
A tremolo function
And a delay.
To better understand the range of frequencies there is an oscilloscope featured at the top.
The module was created by the collaborative efforts of Raphael Faure and Boer Struck.


3 weeks ago
Hi, many thanks for this, it's pleasing to use and has a zen natural randomness feel to it, which is lovely. :)