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Deep Blue 1.6

Dive Deep into the Waves ........

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1.6 (Updated 8 months ago)
March 22, 2020
Reaktor 6


Update 1.6
Sorry, now i think i am Done...
Beautiful Presets

Update 1.5:
Redesigned Wavetable Behaviour
Instead of FM more Waveshaping

I hope you will Enjoy :)

Update 1.2:
Improved FM Section
Detune and Tremolo added
More Presets !

Update 1.1.
Sorry, now removed the DAW Play/Stop Switch, which prevented the Synth playing while DAW in Stop-Mode.

Used some Elements from my Synth Kislota


Philipp-Moritz Schneider
6 months ago
@lesly: wich DAW You are using ? I made Automation ID for 8 Marcos, cutoff, reso, ADSR, but not for all. Maybe i can fix it. Cheers
lesly remy
6 months ago
I know you said you were done making updates but Ive been having trouble automating any of the synth parameters - specifically when using Max LFO. Is there a solution?
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
8 months ago
@Bruno: this makes me happy!
Bruno Fischer
8 months ago
My new go to synth when it comes to bass. Thank you!