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FM Explorator

FM Synth & Noise Maker

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 29, 2020
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Another FM synth to join the collection. I believe this is the first one I've uploaded that you can actually play with a keyboard...

Its a simple two operator FM synthesizer. It has a nice stereo effect. The envelopes of the Carrior, Modulator, Filtor, and Amplifior are all set via the XY control. Each corner of the XY is assigned a certain ADSR value which you can set manually via the little numbers (top is A, next is D, next is S, bottom is R) - however, its much better to just click the button at each corner to generate a random ADSR value. Select which Envelope you want to adjust and move it around to morph it.

Give a high five to the hand above the FM Explorator logo to randomize everything.

Thanks to Studio10c for the knobs that I grabbed from their Niji Tracks~

*Note - I just fixed a routing issue that caused the Amp to control the Modulator.

Some great noises here!

Doron Sadja


Tasho Nicolopulos
5 months ago
This is fantastic. I love all your ensembles, this one is delightfully simple to use & sounds great.