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Rifflab Big

The sequencer resized

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v1.02 (Updated 10 months ago)
November 08, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


Hi there,
Size is amongst the recurrent complains, especially on older products ..
So, Let's fit this fine piece of equipment with a generously sized interface. Big sliders, big buttons, Don't be shy ! ... All credit goes to Lee Brown, which, by the way seems to have vanished since.
Have fun


Sam Coates
2 months ago
For some reason i can't get the midi out to trigger my plug in. Any ideas where i'm going wrong?
9 months ago
VERY USEFUL, thank you so much!
Purple Eagle
10 months ago
Hi Prana, no problem, we all started somewhere ! If you're new to Reaktor, please consider the easiest way to start, that is as a plug-in. Remember, riff is a midi engine. Open reaktor and riff in your host, dedicate a midi track to it, then open an audio plug-in of your choice on another track, and connect both tracks according to the specifications of your host. It should read :Reaktor midi out, whatever plug-in midi in. Et voila ! Riff provides up to three sequencers running independently, which you can connect as mentioned above, to only 1 or up to 3 audio plug-ins. To connect several instruments to riff inside Reaktor as a stand-alone requires a little bit of know-how. Don't mind asking !
prana govinda
10 months ago
Sorry for my ignorance, but how do I use/route this once it is loaded in Reaktor?
Purple Eagle
10 months ago
You're welcome ! According to google, the redearth link is dead since a while. Otherwise, I would, of course, have subjected this copy to the owner. But even with the free version, you're almost there. Enjoy
Robin Necron
10 months ago
is this free now? i remember buying this.
Greg Killmaster
10 months ago
Thank you. MUCH better!