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Filter with a (saturated) twist

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V 1.4 (Updated 11 months ago)
November 21, 2021
Reaktor 6


V1.4: Added Asymetric Input Saturation (Cubic Saturator) with setable assymetry. The Soft Options uses a Hyperbolic Saturator instead. Added an aditional Demo Rack Accepting an External Sound Source. So the FIlter can be used as a fuzz effect with this Rack.

v1.3: Added TPT integrator Saturation, with Hyperbolic Saturator. To allow full flexibility you can turn this saturation and the intput saturation on and off and also adjust the Saturator Level of the integrator Saturation. I see this more as a way to customize the filters sound then an option to change during performance. So always watch your Levels when changing these settings!
Planed for the Next Version: Asymmetric input Saturation so stay tuned.

v1.2: Added new Q Traking mode; Replaced RK4 integration with Trapezoidal Rule, Prepared for integration of nonlinearities. 8X OS with Hermite-Polynome up and down samplers. (One DS for each Output BP, HP and LP). Nonlinearity/Saturation off the Feedback will be included in the next Version

V1.1: Added soft saturation for the Filters input Stage.
Upgraded included demo Rack with a second oscillator and a mixer. VCA is placed before the filter input.

Second Order Filter with simultaneous HP, LP and BP output. Based on the Numerical Simulation of a RLC Circuit. The Bandwidth of the Filter (or it's resonance width) can be changed by the Q Factor Control. A Built-in Q Tracker Modus allows for Dynamic Changes of it while sweeping the Cutoff. E.g. Low Q at Low Frequencies and high Q at high Frequencies. Thereby Creating a unique Filter sound. FM Modulation is also supported.

The download Contains the Block and a small demo Rack.

Technical Details: The differential equation of a driven Series RLC circuit is solved in real time using the Runge Kutta Method.


andrew aronson
1 year ago
this is the bleeding edge!!
1 year ago
Hey, this has a great sound! Thanks for this!