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Hugo Portillos Digital Harmonic Generator Rack-Ready Block (CPU friendlier Version)

Emulation inspired by the RMI Harmonic Synthesizer

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V1.1 (Updated 2 months ago)
November 05, 2022
Reaktor 6


This is a modified repost of an existing work of Hugo Portillo, please also check, rate and comment his original versions

My Contributions/Modifications to it. Replacing the Oversampling AA with Polyblep AA therby making it more cpu friendly. Unfortionally this is not working with the Sync Option.

@ Hugo Portillo: If you are not okay with me reposting this please let me know in the comments
below. And i can remove it.

Also if someone knows a reliable way to get in touch with other users to discuss such collaborations in personal before reposting an modified original work also let me know in the comments.


Hugo Portillo
2 months ago
Hello Andreas, Thank you. This is great! I never went around on how to use AA oscillators with the XOR gates, so I'm impressed with your work. I had 4x oversampling versions ready with some extra utility macros since March 2022 but never had the chance to post them. If you don't mind, I would like to create a version with your AA macros and incorporate it to the package when I have the time. Also, no need to remove this version, as your contributions should be noticed. Thank you again and let's be in touch, at least by the comments as I don't know another way.