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Sync 3

3 oscillator analog synth

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2.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
August 19, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


An updated version of my old Sync 1.3 oscillator analog with a 6-pole filter,3 LFOs,a ring modulator and other effects.
Envelope inverter fixed from 1.1.,and PWM problems fixed.
New in version 1.4;
effects replaced.Now has diffuser delay/chorus and the R66 reverb from Steampipe
new mod matrixes
Sync 3 and personal logos:-)
New in version 1.6;
master macro with glide,mono/poly switching,mono trigger options,bend range and master volume
distortion(from James Walker-White\'s fx package:-))
programmable arpeggiator
snapshot morphing/randomization
main fx and arpeggiator controls on panel B
chrome skin
New in 2.1;
full mod matrix ala James Walker-White
Oscillator FM-selectable source
Sync has selectable source
Filter FM-can use any oscillator as FM source
New distortion-modified version of lazyfish's Evil amplifier for R3


Stefan Nemeth
14 years ago
Charles Loverme
16 years ago
have been able to get some really nice sounds.
Jon Nix
16 years ago
One of my favourite Ensembles - it's great for a wide range of sounds, solid as a rock and perfect for that classic string ensemble sound too. Thank you Eric :)