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h e i s h e r e (back for R4)

A fixed version of h e i s h e r e from lazyfish

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0.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
October 13, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


h e i s h e r e is probably the most amazing ensemble never made using reaktor.

It has been built few years ago using reaktor 2 by Lazyfish (where are you ?).

the ensemble didn't work anymore with reaktor 3 and 4 on macs, and I finally found the way to fix it. It's a masterpiece and I thought it could be a nice idea to bring him to life.

Nobody seems to understand how it really works, but if you don't know what he is, well, he is here...

Many thanks to lazyfish for this ensemble, please if you have some more amazing stuff, please please please, upload !...

bubu from bubuland°

PS : I never had the chance to hear any sound from chonndo (from lazyfish too). If any mac reaktor gourou could have a look and fix it for macs, I would be a very happy bubu.


Jan Heinke
8 years ago
get so much fun and inspiration out of it, age is not important! thanks to you both, years after.
yuri jossa
13 years ago
This is a work of art
Christine Webster
15 years ago
Merci laurent ! ;-)
Laurent Levesque
16 years ago
very impressive, bubuesque !
paul chauncy
16 years ago
Thank you Lazyfish, whoever and wherever you are - this is the one, he is indeed here. And thank you bubu for uploading this fix and the wonderful snaps. Phil Durrant - this reminds me of seeing your solo set years ago - pre-Reaktor - absolutely amazing! David Tudor is hiding somewhere in here, I'm sure of it...
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
laurent, thanks for uploading this btw. nice snaps :-)
Laurent Veliscek
17 years ago
Thanks phil, I didn't realise at all :-/ but it works fine...
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
babu, chonndo has always worked on my mac. you do know that you trigger the sounds with the XY module? this is something i did not realise at first.
Laurent Veliscek
17 years ago
I forgot to mention... C h e c k t h e s n a p s h o t s bubu from bubuland°