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Bundle of stuff

Bundle of FM/AM, Auralis engine thingie, Loop tool, Noise FX

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
March 13, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here is a little bundle of stuff (I always use the word "stuff" when I'm lazy and tired). I often feel I need to document the stuff I release, but this really stops me from releasing anything at all, as I'm just too damned lazy at the time to write such documentation. The stuff in this bundle has just been on my HD for a while, because when something is 99% finished, I start on something else. Important controls are (probably) documentet with tooltips, but there is no other documentation. The ensembles are released, as they say, "as is." Let's get to the stuff:

Effemm - That's right: FM, with a bit of AM thrown in. Nothing fancy, just a synth. Oh, it's got a little dust thing in there, and some cheap stereo thingie. I release it because I'm happy with some of the presets. There is a tuning thingie in there, but...err... I don't know what to say :o) Oh, it may be completely out of tune for the first few notes you play after you open it. It's a...feature.

Loopster - This is a very CPU friendly (drum or other) loop messing machine. Amongst other things, it can probably be used to create some squarepusherian drumloop, er, stuff. A little building hint: If you want to do event feedback in a sequencer, use a Frequency Divider - the N input is audio, so maybe that's why it works (see the Sequencer macro). NOTE! Select presets from the ensemble, creatively named "Ensemble". The presets are there to show some of what you can do. It's a pretty flexible little thingie. Thingie, thingie, thingie, thingie...thingie.

Ahrendees - This is one of Auralis' offsprings. I have spent a long time trying to use the Auralis engine to create an ens that is sufficiently better, but it has been a royal pain in the ass. None of the versions I made was good enough for me, but this one is a bit different, is useable, and has some potential. Again, I'm happy with some of the presets, so it's a go for release. Amongst other things, it can be used to create ambient-stuff-in-the-background type of sounds.

Noisetoy - Warning! WARNING! This is a very experimental ensemble which may or may not contain mines that could reveal themselves only to blow your head off! Well, at least give you a jolt of audio unpleasantries and crash Reaktor. I THINK I have done a thorough mine sweep, but you never know... There is, however, a very unpleasant noise when switching between a few of the presets. This ens is a result of random messing about, I guess. It can generate different types of noise effects, like vinyl crackle(!), wind, rain, and more weird stuff. It does not use any samples. You can also process audio through all the snaps, but please try the snaps named "Input" first. Nomber of voices must be at least 2 for this ens to work. I won't be held responsible if the world ends or some other bad stuff happens when you use this ensemble :-)

Long live the lovely Reaktor community!


Dreux Donelan
2 years ago
Ahrendes is amazing, it's Tangerine Dream in a box.
timothy kimbrough
6 years ago
Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Kristian, just "discovered" your upload:) Fantastic stuff, truly fantastic! I added sample selector in Loopster to use more loops... Quality build, THANK YOU! 10+
ian ainslie
11 years ago
Some great & highly useful stuff packed away here! An oldie, but a goodie!!
Donald Valdez
13 years ago
bundle of joy
daniel lemke
15 years ago
michael hollitscher
15 years ago
This is a 10.
marc leclair
15 years ago
Ahrendees isn't an ensemble.It's a work of art. My respect mister Thom.
James Hamilton
15 years ago
Ahrendees and Noisetoy are both really bloody excellent. Been getting some use out of Loopster as well, though it gets out of sync with host tempo for some reason.
15 years ago
super! thanaks a lot!
Laurent Levesque
15 years ago
can't believe it ! each ensemble is perfect and very original ! thanks a lot Kristian !
Michael Polane
15 years ago
one of the best uploads. realy like the loopster only can not figure out how to sync the tempo of the patchloop to my sequencer. when songmaking is at (for example) 130 bpm than you got to use a 130bpm loop and it stil does not run in sync with my seq. got some hints. Ahrendees and Noisetoy are also super! wil use them al on my future tracks.....just great
Enzo Mitidieri
15 years ago
ned Bouhalassa
15 years ago
Kristian, these are fantastic. I especially like Loopster and Ahrendees, although I'm sure Noisetoy will come in handy!
john stainton
15 years ago
Fantastic! Now I have an excuse to not go out - I made a 60 min cd using noisetoy only as a gift for a friend doing artwork based on interference
Roberto Noris
15 years ago
Very very nice indeed!
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
They're all fantastic but Ahrendees is quite exceptional.
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
each one of the bundle is worth a 10. so i would say this is an, essential download.
Cliff Douse
15 years ago
Very good indeed! :-)
Greg Sterling
15 years ago
Gotta learn how to use the looper, the AM/FM synth was okay... seriously love the Noise synth though... didn't realize there were so many kinds of noise hehe... I am definitely going to have to take the noises, make some tracks and burn them to a CD for future scratching :)
David Coffin
15 years ago
WHAT a week for the UL; only had a chance to try out half this package so far, and I'm in awe anyway; brilliant, totally up to snuff with previous heart-throb Auralis. It IS amazing that this kind of joy just comes along for free...thanks!!!
Der Einmeier
15 years ago
very lovely and highly useful tools and, yes, indeed, effemm is outstanding and so sweet sounding. great package! a MUST-have!
Robert Croft
15 years ago
Wow! four fantastic ensembles in a single upload! I'm thinking of making a special folder called, "Electronic Instruments Vol. 3" Many thanks Kristian ;-) 10 x 4 from me ! ! ! !
Andreas Fichtner
15 years ago
after 5 min i fell in love with loopster :) didn't checked the other *.ens so far.
Al Watson
15 years ago
This is top drawer stuff. cant believe you people give this stuff away!
Stefan Knauthe
15 years ago
...for me a top ten upload in the reaktor-history...:-) ! effemm is t h e outstanding fm-synth,so usefull.the only wish i have is an ensemble like auralis and ahrendees that is easier and more intuitive to edit and control...thank you very much,kristian...
Donovan Stringer
15 years ago
Holy Sh*t, this is a tremendous upload!! Every one of this instruments are unbelieveable..Thanks very much for sharing! I can't say which is my favorite, it's a hard choice between Ahrendees and Noisetoy..Polar opposites, but such a nice compliment to each other..Ahrendees has some of the best presets I have heard on any Reaktor instrument..They're so brilliant I would feel like a thief using them..unles I proccesed them with Noisetoy.. Hmm.. :D
pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
Excellent, it's a great bundle, thanks for sharing. 10 and is not enough!!!
Zip Boterbloem
15 years ago
Ahrendees is really very nice!
paul vogel
15 years ago
The most fun Reaktor "stuff" in a while. Well done.
Rick Scott
15 years ago
ahrendees is definitely worth the price of admission ... :-) nice!
Don Dailey
15 years ago
Dude, this is a very nice bndle of stuff!! EFFEMM: ok simple, but waaay useful. LOOPSTER: Excellent! Nice, nice, nice. AHRENDEES: I LOVE this! It's like having a Rachmeil piece with controls! So Cool. I'm gonna start writing with this NOW!! NOISETOY: I doubt I have any use for this, but is such a cool idea. It put a great big smile on my face. And it's just the perfect thing for when I do need it at some unexpected time in the future. No more hlding out! Put this stuff in the pile when you have it. Thanks so much.
Kristian Thom
15 years ago
Jo, thanks for your kind words. Regarding the problem, the first thing to be aware of, is that if you change something in the Loopster instrument, and then only save the "Ensemble" snapshot, your change will be lost. I'm not sure if this is your problem, but I did this mistake myself, as I'm not used to create ensembles with two instruments. Just remember to always save any changes to the instrument snapshots before saving the Ensemble snapshot. The tiny "Bars" control is, err, something you have to experiment with :-) The instrument may have a bit unusual design, but it does make some kind of sense, I think. Just carefully watch the controls when comparing the different snapshots with the supplied sample, especially the the following controls: tiny Bars control, the LLnA, LLnB and Spd controls in each scene, and the scene select knobs and number of loops per step controls in the bottom sequencer. These are all interrelated in the sense that each of them impact the whole with regard to time. Ugh, what a mud of words. It's difficult for me to explain, especially since I made it a while ago. I think the best way to use a different sample in this instrument, is simply right-click the sample window, and select "Replace sample...". Remember you also probably have to adjust the position for each scene (LSt and LStF controls) when using a different sample.
Jo Oheim
15 years ago
I've been a great fan of your work ever since I discovered Wave Scanner, and this is no exception - a very original collection of, er... stuff. Ahrendees is probably the most athmospheric drone generator I've come across so far, yet capable of so much more - an instant winner ( and another proof that 6-Verb is a highly underrated world class effect). Effemm convinces with quality presets (1, 14,19), and Loopster is just cool with deliberate modulation sequencing. Only issue I have with this is importing samples - I can't figure out how to adjust the loop length effectively as some presets change the loop length back to 1 or 2 bars no matter what the actual length is. I must admit I have to dig deeper into this one, as I just had a brief glance at it. Overall, a very nice collection of thingies to lighten up my day :o)) May I suggest everyone checking out Kristian's other work, and may I also point to Chopfactory, which doesn't show up under your "show others" option as your creator's name is misspelled (it's Kristia Thom, and the Lib's search engine is such a drag). Thank you *very* much for sharing this! Respect, Jo.
Thomas Watson
15 years ago
these instruments are of very high quality indeed. i was already a big fan of Auralis. many thanks for these incredible sounding, well built tools, which will surely procure much inspiration for us reaktor users!
gabriel mulzer
15 years ago
very good stuff - thanks for making up your mind and posting these things "as is" instead of keeping them on your HD forever - I suggested a similar thing in the forums but obviously I am even too lazy for that - the snaps are very good too