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Leviathan User's Guide and Event Logic tutorial

36 pages (Acrobat 4.0 PDF)

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2.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 24, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


After long awaiting, here is a first draft of the Leviathan2 User's Guide. Also, it includes the first draft of a tutorial on event-based logic (intended for more advanced users).

The document is 36 pages, fully bookmarked, with contents and index. I made the file as compact as possible while keeping all graphics legible and including all fonts in the PDF file. So it should display properly on all systems.

The instrument itself will be posted in the instrumnet library within 24 hours. The design is complete, and demo snaps are now in preparation.

Hoping you all enjoy it....
- Ernest


kev one
1 year ago
Hi Ernest, Can you upload Hegel, Husseler and Leviathan here in Reaktor User Library. Your site is down
ernest meyer
11 years ago
I can't update this ensemble, since I purchased Komplete I can't access some older remaining contributions to the userlib. The newer ones are on my Website. For contact and updates, please visit
Justus Bacott
15 years ago
Thank you for the great documentation (and instument)!!
rainer Ehrenberg
15 years ago
Thanks once and ever again!Rainer
Ron Wechselberger
16 years ago
Very helpful. Thanks!
Larry Martin
16 years ago
this is what sharing is ALL about you couldnt pay for this type of quality AWESOME Thanks Lars
Vertecs Recordings
17 years ago
Ensennbble and manual are marvelous! This one will keep me busy for weeks............
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
Stunning manual. Wonderful, mysterious ensemble.
Terry Engelbrecht
17 years ago
As I mentioned in my comments to the Leviathan ensemble, this manual really adds to the value of the ensemble. Many thanks for the time & effort you put into this, Ernest.
Eric Wistrand
17 years ago
An excellent idea,Ernest-and an elegant presentation!Thanks:)
Al Watson
17 years ago
holy cow!!! dont you have a job to go to?!!! this must have taken you for ever to do! it is VERY impressive in deed, and as pointed out before, most manufacturers dont spend half as much time on their products and manuals and they expect us to pay for it!! very generous of you indeed.
Ernest Meyer
17 years ago
****************************** ** LEVIATHAN 2 IS POSTED !! ** ****************************** Sorry for the delay - Ernest
Seva Zack
17 years ago
Dear Ernest my anticipation for this ensemble to come out is growing by the minutes, when is it due ? Best regards Seva.
Bodo Kuznik
17 years ago
That is the Best of all !!
Bodo Kuznik
17 years ago
David Coffin
17 years ago
Elegant, fascinating, exciting---proves once again that the REAL value of Reaktor is its fantastic user community. Many thanks, Ernest!
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
Many commercial products (and we all know at least one) don't come with this quality manual. Excellent work, can't wait to get the ensemble and learn to use all features. Thank you for pushing the boundries of my imagination about what can be done with Reaktor!
N Marsh
17 years ago
thank you, this is awesome, very well presented and informative
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
this is fantastic, looking forward to instrument itself. this is so generous, thank you so much.
17 years ago
Very impressive! A must for anybody wanting to learn the ins and out of an advanced synthesizer. Very detailed and tutorial. I rated this 10!