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Midi Looper

MIDI looper with keyboard control

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1.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
December 31, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


A little MIDI looper based on SQP minus the piano roll, with some keyboard control features for live use and a togglable highres clock. Currently the highres clock uses overclocked by mike daliot.

Not wholly finished but I'm a bit tired of messing with it for the time being, and it's in a usable state as is. There is a remaining bug; toggling the power (but not start/stop, etc) will non-destructively put all the notes at the start of the pattern... Switch patterns or change quantize to get them back home.


Jason Chatzilias
3 years ago
i have been using this for years.
Kris Keogh
3 years ago
Exactly what i needed! Thanks!
Pierre Carsalade
4 years ago
Hi all... It looks great, but I can't figure out how to use it. Any simple tutorial or explanation somewhere ?
Darren Foreman
7 years ago
Sorry... Scrap that.. Its working perfectly!! However, i'd love an erase all, and i'd kill for a "replace" function to cut in on recordings.. Also to have more looper functions like copy phrase x2 would be really cool. I'm not in any way good at reaktor. I'm a complete novice, any chance we could chat?
Darren Foreman
7 years ago
Hi, this is exactly what i need but i can't get it to work in ableton... It seems to be working and reaktor's midi out indicator is pulsing as it should to show that its spitting out midi but it doesnt seem to actually be spitting out midi at all.. Any chance u could help me?
Lauren Hughes
9 years ago
Excellent looper, does exactly what I need although there are many features that go beyond my needs. Consider offering a cut-down version sometime perhaps.
Andrew Chi
14 years ago
This is a great midi looper! Nice work!!! The only thing is, I cannot seem to get the keycommands working...
Kimmo Kivelä
14 years ago
Quite nice. If theres some clever guy could implement a feature how long notes stay alive on roll that would be nice, midi frippertonics and midi delay.
Mitch Burton
14 years ago
Hello, Sorry, I just saw your reply (I have not looked at this page in a long time...!). Without getting into technical details it requires the high number of voices for two reasons; first because like SQP (which it is based on) it stores one note in each voice. Second, in SQP sometimes notes can be cut off if you play the same one twice in a row. I could not think of a good way to fix the fundamental problem so I made it rearrange the midi data before output so that it does not happen. But, the structure I built requires one voice for each possible MIDI note value (eg 127 of them, MIDI note 0 does not work at all). So, if you reduce the voices below that, you will not be able to use the higher MIDI notes. If you don't care about that, then you can do it... I am afraid that there is not really any way to change this without rebuilding the whole thing from scratch, so using this midi looper as a macro inside another instrument is probably not possible (unless that instrument can have a very large number of voices).
Samuel Alcantara
14 years ago
Mr Burton I really Like it but whay it must be 120 voices? I try to use these instument as a macro but I always have a problem with the voices. thanks
Urs Baumgartner
15 years ago
yeah! Thanxx. Realy nice. Tried myself do create a Midilooper but your's is mutch better.
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
this is really nice, a useful sqP mod. the only issue i have is the 2-instrument design, because it makes it harder to save it as an .ism, which is more useful IMO. i fixed it to a single ism myself, but when i was removing the overclock (which i personally dont use), i got confused becuase of the 24 count thing, since it really is a 96 count. other than that, its really cool and useful. 9/10