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Polyphonic Synthesizer

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2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
December 29, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


A new version of an old ensemble. new graphics, new snaps, reworked synth-engine, etc...

- 2 main oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and sine waves + sub osc & noise generator
- 2 filters; filter 1: 12dB highpass, bandpass, notch and lowpass, 24dB lowpass; filter 2: 12dB lowpass with input-saturation
- 3 adsr envelopes
- 2 lfos
- a lot of modulation possibilities
- delay effect (on panel B)
- sequencer control inputs

i decided to replace the phase-offset-modulation by regular pulsewidth modulation for saving cpu-power.

update with "real wheels".


Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Solid as always. Trance, techno ..... and ..... Fine snaps. Thanks.
Bobby Ripp
5 years ago
...! a 10
José Gómez Expósito
9 years ago
Stephen Irizarry
12 years ago
Another one of my favorite Reaktor ensembles! Thanks!
michael huckaby
12 years ago
Gerold Fiesser
13 years ago
Great sounding synth.
David Kennedy
13 years ago
Very nice interface, lovely sounds.
Roger Kelly
13 years ago
Nevermind! Found it on panel B. Great Synth. Big fan of your work.
Roger Kelly
13 years ago
very musically useful! really love it. How do I control the delay/echo?