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jopy fxpack

Four different boxes for mucking with audio inputs

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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 16, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


There are four audio boxes included in this upload. No pictures, but they don't look like much except bog standard Reaktor in my default yellow, grey, and black look. Each ensemble has a detailed description in the instrument itself. There are not any innovative macros here, just new configurations of existing ideas to make new sounds in real time. Hopefully these are easy to figure out and at least somewhat musical; that's my main goal.

JopyMixerbox: A four deck tempo synch'd live sampler or a live mixer, or any combination thereof that you like. Can be used for tweaking a solo guitarist, livening up a few input streams, or just combining samples from a sequenced synthesizer or groovebox on the fly. This was the fastest to build and yet is probably my favorite of the four.

Jopy Filterbox: My attempt to get some of those sequences that I like from Vierring in a simpler, smaller package. It's sequenced bandpass or band reject filters in a mostly graphical input format.

Le Amp Jopy: A new lowpoint in creativity, it's just existing effects put into multi macros, so you can chain them however you want. Features the immortal Toob, Michat's Onehead Tapeecho, Kleinstein, and the Pitch Shifter from the UL. Designed mostly for the Manuel Göttsching or Robert Fripp type guitar performer.

ResoBox: I thought that overlaying four resonators would create a new and different sound, but really, Rick Scott/Rachmiel has some fx units from two or three years ago that sound a lot like this. Still, it's kind of fun for messing about with because it looks and feels a little different.


9 years ago
Thank you, your ensembles are really nice !
12 years ago
Thanx a lot jopy. I combined Ezerbee 2 with Filterbox. ... lovely: screaming synths and bellish rhythms at once. Okay, 60% cpu!?!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
12 years ago
Wowie zowie, touched the stars? Now I'm jealous. Don--I'd like to see what you come up with in a mod of the fxbox. I can imagine you taking this in a lot of twisted directions.
Paulo Branco
12 years ago
this is so,so cool for guitar-processing...especially FXbox opens new sonic colors for my el.gtr...anyway,I just touched the stars tonight...many thnx for sharing this
Don Dailey
12 years ago
Yo, Johann, these are extremely cool. Just ran a very simple drum loop through these and was totally floored by the results. Great mangle tools - we love to mangle :-) FXbox is very cool gives me some ideas of how this could really be developed into a series of different combinations even beyond what you have here...
John Kammeyer-Mueller
12 years ago
Comments, thoughts, or suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated.