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Granular Tutorial 01

Part 1 of a tutorial on granular synthesis

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1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
January 24, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is a package containing a simple granular instrument and an instructional PDF. I'm aiming this at beginner to intermediate users and focusing on the practical rather than the theoretical.

In future installments I'm going to add GUI improvements, modulations and other upgrades with an emphasis on event wrangling and lateral thinking. :-)


10 years ago
Thx very much
Mark Mcdonald
12 years ago
Thanks from a "bonehead"
Andrew Bullington
12 years ago
This was very helpful...thanks!
Jesus Arze
13 years ago
Granular synths are very apreciated by me, specially because the sound they can produce... and know how to do it... EXCELLENT !!!!
Igor Shilov
13 years ago
Peter Dines
13 years ago
I've never thought of people who use a particular software as elitist or modest, though it is true that KVR is one of the few places on the web where folks stab each other in the face with an icepick over which is the best synth. :-)
Igor Shilov
13 years ago
in compare with max/msp community reaktorist are as modest as possible :) imho.
Georg Fries
13 years ago
as long as KVR "junkies" are Reaktor-users, your snobby elitism is speaking for itself, Mr.Ryan D;-). I'll collect statements like yours to show people how ignorant elitists can be. And thanks for the tutorial and all of your efforts, Peter Dines:-)).
Ryan Dean
13 years ago
Thx very much Mr. Dines! Just make sure you put us before all of those KVR junkies next time:)
julien caraz
13 years ago
granular rules !!!
Don Dailey
13 years ago
granular = good tutorials = good tutorial on granular = verrry good! thanks!